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How to use PWA in Magento 2?

PWA or Progressive Web Apps is one of the most popular and young concepts. For the first time, the new technology was presented by specialists from Google back in 2015. The key feature of PWAs is that they are [&hellip

How a company should approach localization

Expansion and localization are very prideful achievements enjoyed by successful companies. Businesses around the world constantly look up to globalized giants like Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon and dream to achieve the same success. A company that is ready [&hellip

Must-Have Gadgets for Remote Learning

The COVID-19 new normal has seen a massive transformation in the education sector. Now more than ever, the need for virtual learning and online lessons has hit a historic high. Studying also gets more complex every year, and [&hellip

Four Most Useful macOS Features

At the end of March, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first OS X, which today goes by macOS. In the light of this event, in this post, we go over macOS features, which make this operating [&hellip