Update your rooted smartphone easily

Description: The list of things to do with a rooted phone is endless. But there is one limitation. It’s difficult to update your device without losing root access. Though, it’s possible. Every user wants to have the latest [&hellip

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Eliminating points of failure on your data team

This year is the year: you’re finally going to implement smart data processes into your organization and reap the benefits. You’ve overhauled how you’re collecting data, where you’re storing it and how it’ll be extracted into information. To [&hellip

5 Great ways to improve your website

When someone visits your website for the first time, they will only be on it for a few seconds before they have formed their first impressions. Therefore it is essential that they like what they see. They also [&hellip

A guide to photography for Ecommerce

While ecommerce enjoys a number of advantages over brick and mortar retail, it does have one rather significant shortcoming to overcome. A customer can interact with a product when they walk into a physical store. But as the [&hellip

Word: how to do subscript and superscript

Subscript and Superscript are commonly used to insert characters that fall below or above the normal text line. These two are commonly used in writing formulae, basic mathematical expressions, big numbers, footnotes, isotopes and many others. Many people [&hellip