25 Amazing Eye-Catcher WaterColor Art

Watercolor is an amazing technique. Artist can use as medium of highlighting different aspects of life. Although it is a traditional art. Artist draws this watercolor painting art on paper. They can use material such as brushes, watercolor pencil, watercolor pastel and paper.
Watercolor painting has the reputation of being quite demanding; it is more accurate to say that watercolor techniques are unique to watercolor. Unlike oil or acrylic painting, where the paints essentially stay where they are put and dry more or less in the form they are applied, water is an active and complex partner in the watercolor painting process, changing both the absorbency and shape of the paper when it is wet and the outlines and appearance of the paint as it dries.
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Watercolor Pencils Rain Art by Zeldis

Watercolor Pencils Rain Art

Dace2 by Greno89


Watercolor ART by Ellipsisfish

Watercolor ART

watercolor Landscapes & Scenery by  DigitalHyperGFX

watercolor Landscapes & Scenery

Watercolor Glod Fish by Onixa

Watercolor Glod Fish

Watercolor Landscapes & Scenery by Art2Work

Watercolor Landscapes & Scenery

Mosque by Piker


KOI Watercolor by Sia Yekchung


Willow in watercolor by little-faerie-bits

Willow in watercolor

Autumn Owl . Watercolor by SilentReaper


Underwater- watercolor by Shardae

Underwater- watercolor

Watercolor of Boy by oswalddent

Watercolor of Boy

Watercolor Kyo by ulos12

Watercolor Kyo

Poison Ivy – watercolor by jFury

Poison Ivy

Light Watercolor by Pele


Mona Lisa’ by Davidezartz


ColorMe by AgniMax


Saunders Waterford 200 LB by Bilbov


Home by Chrisaqua

Home Watercolor

Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor Portrait

WaterColor Portrait 2

WaterColor Portrait 2

WaterColor Portrait Obama

Watercolor21 Obama

David Friedheim holding up his sculpture of Julia Kay. For Julia Kay’s Portrait Party


Rabit Water Color Party

Rabit Water Color Party

Típic carrer de Tunísia


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