Responsive Web Design as the Demand of Time

Now it’s difficult to find a single person over the web community who didn’t hear about Responsive Web Design (RWD). This relatively young technology captured the restless minds of enthusiastic developers, aiming to implement future innovations into our current life. The point became so urgent due to the mass invasion of portable devices into the world market. The most startling fact is that tiny size of those gadgets doesn’t limit their functions. The users are not tired to their home or office computer any more; they are free to cope with multiple tasks from their car or bus or maybe from the park where they enjoy a long walk with family. Positively, each and every gadget whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, provides internet access. Needless to say how virtual reality has penetrated all spheres of our life, it became the whole world where we are almost omnipotent. No doubt that Internet makes our days more interesting and replete, helps us easily cope with complicated issues, be more efficient and productive.

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Unfortunately, here the web community faced the natural problem, rising from the variety of screen sizes and resolutions of mobile devices, users exploit for browsing. The smaller size of the screen was the worse results it showed. Websites looked completely broken and absolutely unreadable. Of course, there are no deadlock conditions and mobile phone website versions were considered as a real way out. As all of us understand, it’s not too convenient to run two website options simultaneously, the full and the clipped one. Furthermore, a website adapted to mobile phone screen size doesn’t cover the needs of the whole variety of other devices.

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Keeping in mind everything mentioned above it’s difficult to overestimate Ethan Marcotte’s contribution into web design development, as he was the first who introduced the term Responsive Web Design. The principal goal of RWD is to provide equally qualitative viewing experience across the whole range of portable and stationery devices from desktop computers to mobile phones. Actually, RWD utilizes a set of leading technologies allowing to attain the desired effect. The developers apply fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. If you are interested in studying the matter more extensively, we can offer you to use the interactive Responsive Web Design Infographic, which will guide you through all complicated technical peculiarities in memorable and entertaining form.


Responsive Web Design Interactive Guide


To make a long story short, Responsive Web Design is a contemporary goodie giving users and website owners additional possibilities to browse the sites they want from any device they prefer, getting the best possible readability and navigational opportunities.

Unfortunately, responsive online stores are still in minority now-a-days, but we’ve got great news for online merchants. The guys from TemplateMonster’s team started to produce fully responsive designs for two most popular e-Commerce platforms – Magento and PrestaShop. Even if you are very far from statistics, it’s quite easy to predict that the number of customers in such stores will increase enormously, as users will be able to make purchases from their portable devices anywhere in any time.

If you are not the RWD fan yet, we hope that our cool, creative collection of the best responsive themes will become the crucial moment. View the websites, test them on different browser widths and perceive all pleasures of Responsive Web Design!

Responsive Web Design Showcase

Sports Store. Responsive Prestashop design

Sports Store. Responsive Prestashop design

Furniture store. Responsive theme for Magento.

furniture store responsive magento design

Clothes store. Responsive Prestashop theme

Clothes store. Responsive Prestashop theme

Beverage Store. Responsive Magento theme.

beverage store responsive magento design

Online store. Responsive Prestashop theme

Online store. Responsive Prestashop theme

Travel Agency. Responsive design for Magento

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  1. Kimmy says:

    Thanks for Responsive Web Design Infographic ! It’s good for me !

  2. Mohammad Shadab says:

    I am recently using responsive theme provide by Genesis. I love to live with responsive that is a superb experience on all the devices. Lastly, thanks for the awesome list for responsive themes.

  3. Ryan says:

    Great examples, thanks for taking the time to put them together for out viewing. Having a responsive site it is imperative in making sure that your site can be viewed on all of the different products that people are using these days.

  4. Impressive! As there is a saying that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, the need to match steps with present world technology was also a necessity for the business owners. We are no longer limited to just laptops or desktops, especially after the introduction of mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphone. Responsive website design proves to be the best option for an entrepreneur to target mass audience at the same time, irrespective of the viewing environment.

  5. Responsive web designing is the need of the hour today, to match the varied gadgets and mobiles. Thanks, for showcasing these websites. Quite Inspiring 🙂

    • Yeah, Responsive web design is the future of web! It’s hardly possible to find a website owner who doesn’t wish to have his website to be responsive.

  6. K Bharath says:

    Maximum wordpress themes coming out now are responsive and best suites for most of the devices. its great and thanks for the design community for coming up with such creative ideas and innovations.