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    How to use PWA in Magento 2?

    PWA or Progressive Web Apps is one of the most popular and young concepts. For the first time, the new technology was presented by specialists from Google back in 2015. The key feature of PWAs is that they are [&hellip

    Four Most Useful macOS Features

    At the end of March, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first OS X, which today goes by macOS. In the light of this event, in this post, we go over macOS features, which make this operating [&hellip

    How Asynchronous Communication Affects Software Companies

    Asynchronous communication is any communication that doesn’t happen in real-time and works effectively without all parties participating at the same time. Team members can receive and respond to content when their schedules permit. Asynchronous communication gives parties more [&hellip

    How To Edit PDF Online

    More and more people tend to pick PDF format for daily and business use. Such a file format is all about convenience; therefore, you can see guides, reports, and CVs in PDF today. Besides, it does not matter [&hellip

    Improve Your Resume with an MBA Online

    When you are looking for a new job or hoping for a promotion in your existing one, the better your resume looks, the more chance you will have of success. It should contain all the relevant information about [&hellip

    Best color palette generator for 2014

    Generating an interesting and unique color palette can be rather challenging. Fortunately, there are some online resources such as colorlovers that can provide some much needed inspiration and reference. Besides colorlovers, there are other color palette generators online [&hellip