New Hire Onboarding Tips: How To Create A Positive First Impression

Onboarding a new hire is important for both the company and the new hire. For the company, it’s an opportunity to begin building a relationship with someone who will be an integral part of their team, but also show them how things work at this particular company. For the employee, onboarding is a chance to learn about what to expect from their new position, meet with their manager to discuss goals and expectations, and acclimate themselves to the company culture.


For your onboarding experience to leave a positive impression, there are several steps you should take. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about onboarding a new hire, as well as how to make the most of this experience for both yourself and the new employee.


Use Hire And Onboarding Software

One of the best new hire onboarding tips you can use is to utilize an efficient software program. The software will allow you to record new hire forms, complete new hire files for both new hires and managers, schedule new hire orientation dates, track new employee ID cards, access employment documents that may be required by law or company policy, and much more. With an easy new hire setup app,  you will be able to quickly create new hires, adding information such as their hire date, manager name, start date, and more. Then you will have a ready-to-use employee profile that can easily be accessed by managers or other HR personnel who need it. You can complete onboarding files for multiple employees in just a few minutes, helping you save time and be more productive.

The onboarding software will also guide new potential employees through the onboarding process by sending them emails with all essential information (such as benefits enrollment date), allowing new them to complete required forms efficiently, and helping managers keep track of new employees progress during the onboarding period. Your new hire software will make the onboarding process quick and efficient, which is what you want when you are trying to make a good first impression.

Conduct New Hire Orientation

As mentioned before, you need to take the time to properly orient your new employee. For them, this will be an opportunity to learn about everything they need to know tofor succeed at their job, which includes details on company policies and expectations. It’s also a good chance for you to make sure that your new hire is fully up-to-speed regarding company procedures, and learn what they’re capable of.

By going over the onboarding documents together, you can go over everything from their official employment contract to any other materials that were sent your way. By doing this, you will be able to discuss certain aspects of how they should handle themselves at work or address problems that may arise. If anything comes up, it’s much easier for them to tell you the first time rather than waiting until an important deadline has passed or an angry customer is complaining about something.

You also want to take time during this meeting to explain how things work around the office so your new employee knows what they need to do when they get back from their break, or what time to arrive in the morning. You can then have them practice handling typical office situations to show you how they will respond to common work-related issues.

Create A New Hire Checklist

The process of onboarding a new hire can be overwhelming, especially if you are not used to being involved in the hiring process. Even if you have done it before, there is still a lot for you to do. Make sure that your checklist includes everything, from the required paperwork to new employee orientation, and even a meeting with your manager.

By having a checklist, you can be sure that nothing gets missed, and that every important aspect of the process is covered. If you have everything on paper, it will also be easier for you to assign tasks to other members of your team so everyone knows what they need to do when it comes time for them to get involved. In this way, everyone can contribute to making a great first impression for your new hire.

Maintain The Right Attitude While Onboarding

The way you act during this process will reflect your company’s attitude toward the new hire, whether it be positive or negative. You wouldn’t want to scare them away by making it seem like they are late for an interview rather than a new beginning at their dream job. At the same time, you don’t want to be too easy on them either and give the impression that they can do no wrong.

Your goal is for them to walk away knowing what kind of company they work for and why it’s a great place to work at. That way, if their first impression of your workplace was positive, then chances are they will come back with plenty of new ideas and insights after they have had some time to settle into their job. This could include offering suggestions or feedback on how things might be done differently. Employees love being heard and acknowledged, so giving your new hire a chance to share their thoughts could make them much more willing to suggest ways in which they can improve your workflow as well as theirs.

Provide A Culture Of Learning, Collaboration, And Feedback

The best way to keep your employees satisfied is to provide a culture that encourages learning and growth while also creating an atmosphere where they can work comfortably with their co-workers because they know that they will be accepted for who they are. When you create this type of environment, your new hire will feel like they belong and will want to make a positive impact on the company.

This should be one of your top priorities when it comes time for training and onboarding your new hires. It’s much easier to train someone who wants to learn how you do things than it is to try and change the habits of someone who has been doing things the same way forever. So instead of fighting them on this, try to find a way that they can keep doing the things that they are good at while also learning how your company works.

This may require that you let go of some control, but creating an open line of communication between employees and managers will help everyone to work together more effectively as well as make it easier for them to provide productive feedback on what could be improved. This is something that will undoubtedly benefit you as the business owner because it means less wasted time looking into problems that should have been fixed right away.

Hold A Company Celebration

When your new hire completes their first month with your company or makes it through one complete cycle of training, then hold a party or a get-together so that they can get to know their co-workers better and see what life is like outside of work for you. If your company isn’t the kind that typically organizes outings, then make sure you at least go out with them when it’s time for their first paycheck or raises. You need to show them how important they are to your business in order for them to believe in themselves and realize how much potential they have.

This also comes in handy if you find out about an issue before it becomes a problem because when employees feel appreciated, they will be more willing to come forward with any complaints or concerns that they might have about their job, the company’s policies, etc This makes it easier for you to fix issues before they get out of hand and could mean the difference between a profitable company and a failing one.

Offer Opportunities For Growth And Development

In the modern workplace, employees rarely stay at a job for more than a few years because there is always a newer and better opportunity just around the corner. It’s in your best interest to make sure that you are providing your employees with ample opportunities for future growth and development both inside and outside of the company.

This way, when they are ready to make a change, they will be interested in looking at another opportunity within your company rather than leaving altogether. It also means that when you need them to come back after taking time off for any reason, it won’t feel like much of a burden because they know how much you care about their personal growth and success. The best way to ensure that your company thrives is to make sure that your employees feel appreciated and can see a clear path for their success.


A new hire is a big deal for any company, but it’s especially important if your business can’t survive without them. To ensure that you get the most out of this opportunity, make sure that you dedicate time and resources to keep all of those involved engaged and motivated from day one. Even if things seem slow at first, chances are good that the right onboarding process will help you to retain more of your best hires as long as you follow these simple steps on how to create a positive first impression.


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