30 Free Premium WordPress Magazine Themes

WordPress is not just for blogging but is a Content Management System. We can also use wordpress themes for showcasing our readers our online Magazine, which gives readers the ease to read the content where ever and whenever they like.
There are various magazines running online and to stand apart you need to have a different theme.
Considering this, today we have collected 30 Free Premium WordPress Magazine Themes which looks like premium but they are not. Although you can always go for a pro version if you like to have additional features missing in the free version. So check the list and download your favorite theme among these.

Render Magazine Theme | Demo || Download

Render Magazine Theme

Polar Media Magazine | Demo || Download


24.Polar Media Magazine WordPres Theme


Snips | Demo || Download


Clam Shell  | Demo || Download

25Clam Shell

IsoTherm | Download | View Live

20 IsoTherm

Wynton Magazine | Download

16. Wynton Magazine

Newsweek Theme | Source | Download | Demo

15. Newsweek Theme

Premium News Theme| Source Download | Demo

14. Premium News Theme
13. Small Magazine Theme

Rebel Magazine Theme | Source | Download | Demo

12. Rebel Magazine Theme

Scarlett Theme | Source | Download | Demo

11. Scarlett Theme

 Massive News Theme | Source | Download | Demo

10. Massive News Theme

Visionary Theme | Source 

9. Visionary Theme

The Unstandard WP 2.7 | Download & Details | View Live

8. The Unstandard WP 2.7

Mimbo v3.0 | Download & Details | View Live

7. Mimbo v3.0

WP Magazine | Download & Details | View Live

6.WP Magazine

Potrika | Download & Details | View Live

4. Potrika

Structure Theme | Source | Download | Demo

2. Structure Theme

Options Theme | Download | Demo

1. Options Theme

News Plus | Download View Live

18. News Plus

Alivapress | Download | View Live

19. Alivapress

ZINMAG TRIBUN | Download | View Live


AllTutorials | Demo || Download

21. AllTutorials

Magazeen | Demo || Download


DotNews | Demo || Download


Oracle Mag Theme | Demo || Download

Oracle Mag Theme

Sensei Magazine |  Demo || Download

Sensei Magazine

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