10 Essential HTML5 Frameworks

When it comes to HTML5, a framework will guarantee a level of validity and certainty that hand-coding may not, particularly if you aren’t an HTM5 expert. Many bundle additional and necessary components such as CSS3 styles and jQuery scripts for enhanced functionality for responsive layouts and multimedia.

You may have a very specific workflow and prefer to start from scratch every time, but the fact is that frameworks can speed up your development process and provide the additional benefit of a consistent structure to every projct you undertake.

Here are 10 essential HTML5 frameworks you should have in your designer arsenal right now if you are serious about adopting HTML5 development into your daily workflow. Each was chosen for its attention to HTML5 standards, exceptional structure and ease of use.



Even with all these great options, frameworks aren’t for the meek. If you prefer visual design and don’t like to get involved with the development aspect of web or application design, there are robust applications available online to help you build valid HTML websites visually, without touching code.

Introducing the New Wix HTML5 Website Builder


This isn’t your momma’s Flash builder! The new HTML5 Website Builder from Wix is a completely free online tool for designing valid, rich HTML5 websites using a visual drag-and-drop editor, giving you the power of complete creative freedom. It is extremely easy to master and comes with an extensive library of animations, widgets and graphics to get you started designing with HTML5 right now. You can rapidly design and style any layout from the ground up and add HTML5 audio, video, slideshows and more without extensive and time-consuming hand-coding. Check it out here.

The new Wix HTML5 website builder will be released on March 8th and aims to answer the call of front-end designers everywhere. It uses a drag-and-drop interface packed with every site element you need, plus extras like sliders, galleries, canvas animations and support for audio and video. It can be used to build Facebook pages and mobile websites too, and is an optimal choice for graphic designers.


Web Frameworks

HTML5 Boilerplate

html5 and boilerplate

If you are new to HTML5-based web design, this is arguably the most essential resource you can start with. If you’ve been around HTML5 for awhile, then you know how awesome it is. Self-described as not-a-framework, the HTML5 Boilerplate has been used as one for over two years now, powering a large number of HTML5 websites, themes and second-gen frameworks, some of which grace this list. After more than three years in iterative development, you get the best of the best practices baked in: cross-browser normalization, performance optimizations,print stylesheets, caching, security and the most semantic, valid HTML5 markup and gloriously commented CSS3 possible.

Download HTML5 Boilerplate

52 Framework


In addition to being built with valid HTML5 markup, the 52 Framework comes packed with CSS3 styles for drop shadow, rounded corners and the new “selection” selector for customizing selected text. All currently supported HTML5 elements are here, including form elements and HTML5 multi-media. Special scripts and styles are provided for graceful degredation all the way back to IE6! To help with layout, the framework even includes a 16 column grid template.

View the Demo or Download

G5 Framework


G5 has everything you need for fast web development and re-use for any website, theme or app project. It uses clean, commented HTML5 and CSS3, featuring PHP Active Class, SEO optimization and powerful fallbacks for older browsers. You get a solid selection of goodies, too. CSS3 PIE, CSS3 buttons, Tipsy Tooltips, Reveal modals and an Orbit slider are just a few of the things already integrated.

Download G5 Framework

Kendo UI


Kendo UI is a complete framework and platform for building modern, interactive, applications and websites. In addition to having more than 10 UI widgets, including a Grid, Chart, and ComboBox, Kendo delivers a rich framework for client-side data binding, templating, animation, and drag-and-drop actions. Kendo UI incorporates a seamless, professionally tested and supported HTML5 toolbox wrapped up in CSS3 elegance. The framework supports web, mobile and app development and, unlike most frameworks, comes with a point and click theme builder.

View the Demos or Download




This simple form builder helps you create valid markup and bundles the latest jQuery and PHP form handlers for a smooth experience. Forms built with reformed use HTML5 localStorage to store saved forms, so a database is not required. Forms are styled using the jQuery UI Themeroller, so it’s easy to create your own custom themel, or if your site already uses jQuery UI, your form will automatically pick up your site’s theme styling Once you’ve designed and tested your form, you can grab the code with the click of a link and your forms are stored for later use without sign-up required.

Build Your Own



Initializr is an HTML5 templates generator created by Jonathan Verrecchia to help you getting started with a new web project based on HTML5 Boilerplate. Initializr generates clean, fully customizable code with only the features you select, allowing you to add some modules that aren’t available in the HTML5 Boilerplate. Notable extra features include respond.js for creating mobile-friendly designs, Chrome Frame and Adobe Cross domain scripts. This is an excellent option for developers who want to fine-tune each project start.

Generate Your Own




Lungo is one of the only mobile frameworks available that is built purely on HTML5 and CSS3, provides valid markup and includes an incredibly simple API. It enables you to quickly design apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WebOs and bundles all the modern features these devices love such as swipe and tap, history, device orientation support and a ton of HTML5 canvas and jQuery features. Lungo’s version of plugins, called Sugars, can be used to enhance your project with extras like geo-location, localization or HTM5 multimedia.As a bonus, Lungo comes with a library of vector graphics to help speed up interface customization.

Learn More or Download




Created by rockstar designer Jeff Starr in an attempt to inspire designers to get into HTML5, the H5 Theme Template is loaded with everything you need to create beautiful themes with HTMLright nowH5 contains a complete set of theme files and folders, and each file has been meticulously crafted with all of the latest and greatest WordPress functionality. As a template theme, H5 is designed with easy customization and personalization in mind, serving as a solid starting point for your next HTML-5-based theme. The markup is extremely well structured and valid. The only drawback to this framework is the lack of CSS3 and browser support prior to IE8.

Download H5 Framework

Brave New World



One of the first HTML5 WordPress frameworks to hit the scene,Brave New World is, hands-down, the most thorough when it comes to HTML5 standards and structure. Out of the box, the theme is free of layout and styling beyond a modified version of Eric Meyer’s reset CSS and a baseline typography. It incorporates HTML5, WAI-ARIA landmark roles and hCard and hAtom microformats, which no other WordPress framework has done since. The newest version is up to speed with WordPress 3 requirements and contains a basic set of templates to get you started.




Combining the power of the HTML5 Boilerplate and Foundation, Reverie is an extremely versatile HTML5 WordPress theme framework for building prototypes on any kind of devices. Reverie follows HTML5 Boilerplate standard and is hNews microformat ready. It is SEO optimized, responsive and includes customized output for WordPress menus and image handling, one of the only frameworks to use the HTML5 “figure” element. It even comes with support for bbPress and custom page templates.

Learn More or Download


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