Create a Flash Website: a How-To Manual

When you are going to create a Flash website there are many limitations and conditions on every turn. But now we’ll show you how to build a Flash website in a matter of couple of hours (you can be sure it’s not a joke).

So now we’ll show you how to work with MotoCMS templates. This product has one important advantage over other website templates – it can be easily used by advanced web developers as well as common users. Moto Flash CMS doesn’t require any complex coding knowledge and skills and is very easy to apply almost by everybody. There is also one thing which should be mentioned here – you can try this powerful Flash CMS absolutely for free. The registration of the 30 days free demo version of any template will not take much time. You can follow the current link and choose a template from MotoCMS collection or firstly find the template you like from the MotoTemplates store and create live demo account by pressing ‘Control panel demo’ button (you can find it over every template). Type your email, so that the system can send you a registration notification with your personal username and password included.

create flash website

For this post we choose the Flash photo gallery # 35090.

create flash website

After you feed the initializing data into the Control Panel Login fields you’ll be able to arrange the chosen template at your will. The first thing you see opening the control panel is the home page of the template with toolbars.

create flash website

And the first thing you are in a hurry to change is a design of your website. Find the background you like and upload it to the Media Library. Click twice on the background and choose images for upload.

create flash website

In the Media Library you can also arrange all images into different folders. It is possible to create new folders as well as edit and remove those which already exist.

Using the left toolbar you can inert separate images to a page. It can be just a picture or you can enable a click action for it:

  • go to page;
  • open popup;
  • open URL;
  • open file;
  • mail to;
  • full screen.
create flash website

In our example we paste two girl silhouettes in .png format. Such images will look very natural almost on any background, so draw your attentions to them.

When images are uploaded there may be a need to edit them a little bit. There is an Image editor for this reason. Open the Media library – every image can be supplemented with a preloader, viewed/edited and deleted. Press the ‘View/Edit item’ button and enjoy convenient Image editor from MotoCMS. We need to horizontally rotate the silhouette only.

create flash website

And don’t forget to save all changes. Save it as the same file or as a new image.

We chose black and white checkered background, so we need to set off all typos with contrasting color. You can choose any of shapes from the left toolbar and add them to the template.

After these manipulations we got our home page:

create flash website

The next step we do is a new website page creation. Press the ‘Create a New Page’ button at the top left corner of the control pane. The system allows you to create new pages and popups

create flash website

Please select the page type you’d like to create (Splash page or Content page). The default page is created with the sample content but you may also select Create Blank Page option to create an empty page. Please fill in the page parameters (page name, title, URL and parent page). You can always change this settings.

To make the new page be displayed on the menu you should choose ‘Content’ from the top control panel menu and then press ‘Menus’. Then add new menu item and adjust its settings.

create flash website

To create a real forum open Modules – General – HTML Widget. Please note that the HTML widget content won’t be visible in the control panes and you need to preview website to see it.

Double click will open HTML widget for editing. To start working with this module you need to create new content.

create flash website

Find the Nabble Forum in the list of HTML templates and follow the instruction.

  • Open Nabble forum and register (Start your forum).
  • Open created forum.
  • Check your email for a Nabble Forum notification and activate your Nabble account by clicking on the confirmation link.
  • Select ‘Options’, ‘Embedding options’.
  • Copy embed code and paste it to the ‘HTML Code’ section.
  • In the module’s properties panel check “Show scrollbars” option.

That’s all, your forum is ready for users registration and communication.

create flash website

The next step we’re going to do is to paste social buttons. The Social Network Sharing Slot is the very thing we need for this reason. Find Slots – Share Button Slot in the left toolbar and click on the stage to insert the object.

create flash website

Using this tool you can share website pages in different social networks:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Linkedin;
  • MySpace;
  • StumbleUpon;
  • Vkontakte

To adjust social shares from the website you just need to select a social network and choose an image as an icon.

You can also supplement these messages with a short description for yourself.

create flash website

Now we’d like to show you how to work with the Advanced Contact Form module. The template we’re working with contains a simple contact form which was created with the Form widget. If you need to paste some drop-down lists, for example, then you should draw your attention to the Advanced Contact Form.

Delete the default contact form and open Modules – Contact Forms – Advanced Contact Form. As always double-click will open the widget for editing.

Create new content and specify its name.

create flash website

You can drag and resize displayed default items and buttons at your will. You can also add many new items of four types:

  • Text Field
  • Select
  • CheckBox
  • File Upload
create flash website

Ity is also possible to adjust contact form configuration.

create flash website

And of course there are no difficulties in customizing the contact form look. Texts formats, items and button styles are very easy to edit within the control panel.

create flash website

And now that’s all. We hope that this customization manual will be useful for you. However, if you have some questions we’ll be glad to answer them right here in the comments field or you can visit the MotoCMS Facebook fan page to learn more about this Flash CMS.

And the last thing: look at the results of our work. We offer you to look through the ready-made Flash website that we were working with.

create flash website

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