Hybrid printing technology & its key benefits for its users

Hybrid printing is one of the most advanced processes of printing that has attracted a global audience for its various benefits. In this advanced process of print technology, a unique combo of digital inkjet produced printing and flexographic printing is used for creating the most productive automated presses according to the need of clients. It is a versatile solution that can meet the demand of printing even for the most complicated projects on all types of substrate. Click here to get exciting printing offers!

Not only this new and advanced process of printing creates eye candy effects of colors, it has some more obvious benefits that have gained extreme popularity in the industrial sector. Let’s take a quick stroll on the advantages of hybrid printing technology.


Hybrid printing technology brings better finishing of printing material

Hybrid printing technology can create better finishing of printing material, which is a definite advantage of the clients as well as of the vendors.  The technology permits, according to a customer review, the use of metallic colors, hybrid colors as well as flexographic spot colors, which creates the extremely interesting printing effect of global standard.

It boosts productivity

This is an advanced process of printing that is done with faster turnaround time. It allows a different and even wide spectrum of colors to be used on the substrate, which is lesser than normal mode of printing and involves lesser consumption of materials. As a result of it:

  • Printing units can complete even a complex project faster
  • They can offer quality job at lower rate
  • Clients get quality job at lesser rate and thus shows their interest


It minimizes waste of printing materials

One of the great benefits of using hybrid printing technology is its strict control on printing materials waste. If the printing unit can lower the rate of wastage of costly colors, varnishes, etc. it is profitable for the printing unit that turns each of their project profitable.


It introduces advanced features

Advanced hybrid printing technology is capable to introduce some advanced features in every printing material. These are user-friendly attributes that facilitate business:

  • It introduces advanced UI with touch-screen function
  • Facility of remote operation with customized print settings which can be exclusively programmed beforehand and can be activated at the touch of a button
  • The process introduces both mono and four color options
  • The user can enjoy the benefits of choosing web widths
  • The press is available with inbuilt UV drying system for quick drying of printed products
  • Facility of printing and over-varnish facilities are available
  • The system offers Inline arrangement of printing for organized conversion and flawless finish


It is easier to enjoy better flexibility

Hybrid printing units offer unique flexibility for label printing businesses with a wide range of applications. This printing technology can include colors that are not included in usual CMYK range. With the aid of hybrid printing technology, it is feasible to insert special inks into the production line or enriching the look of a label. Hybrid printing offers the flexibility to adapt inline format, decorating features, and ability to finalize a printing product at-one-go.


Sturdy construction

Hybrid presses are built with some sturdy structure like these presses are capable of adding a range of discretionary features and the ability to upgrade inside a compact print housing. These presses are cheap to run and trouble-free to maintain. At the same time, Hybrid presses are fully digital machines – so users can effortlessly integrate them with an existing IT infrastructure for a flawless changeover between print, design, and layout.

These are some of the obvious benefits of Hybrid technology, which users can enjoy for making their printing projects more versatile and appealing. However, one should have knowledge of this advanced technology in order to enjoy all these benefits.


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