How to benefit from various types of backlinks while avoiding the bad ones

While everyone wishes to have backlinks, only a few have the opportunity of getting the best that can help to improve their site’s ranking. Backlinks together with content are essential SEO elements. But again, supposing Google regards your backlinks as bad and that you could be punished for violating its rules? One important thing to take into account is that there are quite a good number of backlinks types that don’t follow Google’s rules; however, if you are keen, you can find high quality, risk-free backlinks that will eventually enhance your organic traffic.

Arguably, the most effective SEO backlinks are those that are hard-earned.  Low quality backlinks are usually easier to find. This is because Google overlooks links that are obtained from sites that can easily be manipulated by anyone. Good examples of such include low quality blog commenting sites, profile links, guest posts on unrated sites as well as low quality link directories. Follow this link to understand more about the best backlinks for SEO as well as those you need to discard without a second thought.

Before looking at the various types of backlinks, it is vital to understand the following:

  • Relevance is a necessity in SEO – Linking to unrelated sites does not only devalue your online presence, but a punishable offense by Google.
  • Don’t get obsessed with the amount of links on your site – You are better off with 10 links coming from highly remarkable sites than having 1000 emanating from low quality websites.  
  • Not all links are good for SEO – Unfortunately, most of the backlinks are unhealthy to your site. You can use the guidelines here to determine if you really need to accept a link from another site or beat it.
  • Avoid misusing backlinks – The links below are safe if used accordingly and anything short of being natural can endanger your online business.
  • It takes quite some time to obtain quality backlinks – Practising a bit of patience won’t hurt.

Various types of backlinks

  1. Backlinks coming from resource pages

There are those sites that own resource pages from where webmasters try to connect to sites they think are relevant and important to their visitors. There is nothing good that comes out of nothing – you must be ready to fulfil the following in order to attain a link from the page in question.

  • Find a stunning resource or site to link to the webmaster
  • Provide a reason why the webmaster should backlink to your site. Develop a mutual understanding before allowing your site to be used as a resource.

Caution: Never exchange your link with a backlink

  1. Backlinks obtained with infographics

If you want to easily share your content, then infographics offer that great opportunity. Besides having the ability to make your content viral on social networks, infographics can attract backlinks as well. In case an editor enjoys your content, chances are that he/she will be tempted to have it embedded on their site without creating copies of the same. There is utterly no big business entity worldwide that doesn’t use infographics as their businesses’ promoting tool.

  1. Backlinks acquired through donations and non-profit making sites

Obtaining backlinks by contributing to non-profit making websites is direct. There are those sites which connect to sites that have contributed to them. Depending on the reputation of your site, you can offer anything between $50 and $100. Although some of these sites may not backlink to your site, quite a good number of them will. Checking the amount of outbound links is also very important. Thus, if you are having a great number of links directed to other sites, you will definitely want to avoid adding more.

The list is endless and going by the benefits associated with high quality backlinks, it is our bet that you will not resist the temptation to click on the aforementioned link to learn more.

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