Do’s and Don’ts When Designing a Game Website

The gaming industry is growing every day, thanks to extensive internet applications. Each year, the gaming platforms add thousands of games, each with unique upgrade features to cater to the ever-rising demand. However, the high demand for online video games has increased the website development competition. The website developers and designers must now be smart, to provide the best gaming content, and stay ahead of the competition.

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If you are looking forward to designing your game site, read on to know the do’s and the don’ts to observe during the process.


The Do’s:

  • Do Have A Plan

Take time to plan on what you want to include on your website. What kind of pages will your customers find here? What content will they find? Will they be satisfied? The planning process might not be easy, but you can take time on it for the best results.


  • Do Provide The Necessary Information

Your gaming website should contain all the essential information regarding the entire site, and the games in it. For this reason, you should make it as informative as possible. It should act as a guide to enlighten internet users on the type of games they can find on your site. A poor design might turn them off since they won’t have any clue of what you offer.

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  • Do Seek Assistance

Website designing is not easy. It requires a lot of consultation, especially if you are a first time designer. You can find help from your friends or from successful people who already own gaming websites.


  • Do Create a Unique Website Design

As earlier mentioned, the competition in the gaming industry is ridiculously high. The broad options mean that people will only choose the well-designed sites over the others. So, review some of your competitors’ websites to check their appearance. Design something similar or better.


  • Do Enhance Readability and Usability

The best gaming website should be easy to read and understand. Take time to choose the best words, phrases, and sentences that you should use to increase to engage the readability of the site. A readable content should not only include the written content, but the graphical features as well. In addition to readability, include several features as well.


  • Do Include A Great CTA

Just like the other websites, a gaming site should have a good CTA page. The page instructs your online users to do something to acquire the best results. Your CTA should also be informative. For instance, you can tell your users that by using this site, you will be able to unscramble your words when playing the scrabble games. You can further go-ahead to help them know how the unscrambling tool works and how it can help them win. Other CTA words that you can use include: learn more about this game here, click here to learn more, and so on.


  • Do Include A Social Sharing Button

If your gaming website is appealing and informative, your clients will probably want to share it with other people. With a social sharing button, they can easily share it on their social media platforms and other places. So, include the button and make it visible.


The Don’ts

  • Do Not Include Many Features

It is okay to highlight the main features, but you should not include too many features. Most online users do not have all the time to go through every word on the site. Instead, the users only scan the page and pick the most important keywords. Understand what the gamers want, and include the essentials only. Many people do not find the features attractive, but rather a turn-off.


  • Do Not Add Poor Images

The games are highly visual. This means that many of the users will consider the pictures first before they even get deeper into the specific games on your website. The gaming images on your site can either make or break it. So, include the right images, and make sure that they are related to the gaming industry.


  • Do Not Add Many Ads

Too many word ads and flashy images can confuse your online users. If you depend on the ads to capture the attention of your users, minimize them, or choose the best ads to use wisely. Analyze the ads and place them in the right places to avoid disturbing your gaming users.


A gaming website design requires careful consideration of the best results. Follow the above tips and remember to seek help when necessary. Also, do not hesitate to make the necessary changes to your site when need be.

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