Good and Bad Habits of Highly Efficient Bloggers

It is amazing that running a blog is considered to be a very easy thing by many people who are not working as a blogger. However, only a blogger can tell that managing a blog is not at all an easy thing. Bloggers have to be very productive and efficient to keep their blogging updated. It is strange that even after all the required hard work, some bloggers do not make it to the top. Bloggers don’t realize but it is their own habits which are not letting them progress in the blogging world.


In this article, we are going to discuss good and bad habits of bloggers. Once you’ll realize the things which are wrong on your part, your minor efforts to change them can bring about a lot of change in your blogging.

We’ll start off with discussing…

Bad Habits of Bloggers

Following Blindly

Following Blindly

If you are new into blogging world, someone must have inspired you. Correct? In such cases, I have seen a lot of new bloggers following successful bloggers blindly. Instead of following someone blindly, discuss the topics you like in your blogs. Writing about something you love will help you in the forum discussions as well. Avoid writing about something you are not well-informed about.

Giving way too much of importance to subscriber count

This is indeed a very common bad habit of all bloggers. They determine the success of blogs by keeping a count of subscribers. You should realize that this obsession will bring a lot of frustration your way if you do not get the desired number of subscribers. Your focus should be more on interacting with active readers of your blog.

Don’t get addictive to traffic stats

Dont get addictive to traffic stats

Do not get addictive to traffic stats. Understand the fact that checking them every hour won’t probably change the number of your stats. Decide a day or a time to check your traffic stats and make sure that you do not check them otherwise.

Wasting time on social networking websites

While you are blogging, avoid any kind of distractions. These days’ social networking websites can be huge distractions. When you are working, avoid logging into Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking website.

Spending more than required time on forums

As a blogger, you should be replying to the posts in your forum. However, stick to a schedule and reply to the queries on a forum only then. Forums are for sure addictive so make sure you do not end up wasting a lot of time on them.

Disorganized Communication

Disorganized Communication

It is important to stay in touch with other bloggers but excess of anything is bad. Do not waste your time in disorganized and useless interactions. Avoid spending a lot of time on replying to professional emails, unless they are really important. When working for a blog, dedicate your time to blogging only.

Proofreading is a MUST

Proofreading is a must

I know it is boring to read something again and again but it is important. Before publishing, double check the spellings, sentence structures and make sure there are no grammatical mistakes.

Get inspired yet stay Original

Get inspired yet stay Original

If you really want to be famous and be proud of it, stay original. Do read content online in order to take inspiration however, never ever copy things. Remember, plagiarism is a crime.

Avoid writing about anything and everything

I have seen a lot of bloggers discussing their personal lives on their professional blogs. Doing this once in awhile is of no harm however don’t make it a habit. Your blog should not have topics about anything and everything.

Giving up

Never ever expect overnight success with blogging. You need to have patience and if you things are not working out in the beginning, do not give up.

Good Habits of bloggers

These good habits will definitely take you a long way in blogging world.

Staying Consistent

If you really want to get successful as a blogger, you need to stay consistent. When you post articles, they should be in predictable patterns. Also, do not post too often as it is not good for your reputation.

Determination towards success

Determination towards success

In order to be successful, you need to have determinations towards success. Remember, that you cannot get successful overnight and all top bloggers have followed this fact. Things are going to be difficult but perseverance will help you in succeeding.


Interaction and healthy networking with other bloggers is definitely a good habit. Connecting with readers, replying to their posts and staying lighthearted throughout the conversation can help you in winning mane loyal subscribers.

Handling criticism positively

Handling criticism positively

While you are climbing the ladder of success, you will have to face a lot of criticism and it can be both positive and negative. Be smart enough to know which comment needs a reply and which should be ignored. Handling criticism in a good way will take you a long way.

Stay Humble

Stay Stay Humble

It does not matter how successful you are, stay humble. If you will not stay humble, you will no longer stay successful. These two things go hand in hand so realize the importance of humility.

Branding yourself

Branding yourself

If you are a smart blogger, you will know how to brand yourself. Your blog should be your identity. There are millions of blogs these days over the internet, do something to differentiate yourself.

Precise writing style

Make sure your content is precise and informative. No one wants to read random stuff. When you are posting an article, make sure it contains all the information a reader would want to read.

Interaction with readers

Successful bloggers do interact with readers and reply to all important posts. Be one of them and stay precise and humble while replying to readers. Let them connect with you.

Saying up-to-date

Staying up-to-date

Human beings never stop learning. In order to find new and interesting topics for your blog, read as much as you can stay informed and up-to-date.


As mentioned earlier many times, there are no shortcuts to the success. It will take time for you to become a successful blogger so have patience.


Everyone who thinks that blogging can be done by anyone is wrong. It is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Blogging online means handling too much of competition and pressure which is not at all an easy thing to do. Avoid bad habits mentioned above and you can become a successful blogger. Hard work and determination will take you a long way.

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  1. akhil says:

    You really inspired me. Thanks. I will correct my mistakes. Thanks

  2. Asif says:

    Very informative article. It helped me to understand things in much better way.


  3. Warren says:

    This is really good!
    I did all the mistakes above, perhaps, is time to change 🙂

  4. Jenn Staz says:

    Staying off social media networks is an interesting point. While as a blogger, your own content should be your #1 priority, it’s also important to network with other bloggers, and to interact with them and your readers. Part of branding yourself is deciding how accessible you want to be to others. But, you make a great point – when you ARE blogging, turn off the social networking during that time! That’s something I am starting to do but need to work on a bit more 🙂