25 Best Android Apps for Designers

Android phones are smartphones that can carry various applications to help you get almost any kind of work done. These phones are highly user-friendly and are perfect for all those who wish to personalize their cell phone experience to an optimum level.  You might  experience android news regarding various smart phones where you can use these android apps. and These applications can serve all kinds of specialized purposes, one of which is that of digital art! Read on to find out more about the 25 most useful android apps for designers.

Pho.to Lab

Photo has a collection of over 555 effects photo editing and manipulation. These include photo frames, photo filters, face photo montages, animated effects. You can use these effects for the expression of your creativity.


Camera Effects

Use this app to turn normal photography into pieces of art. Also, it allows you to preview all effects instantly and then share the pictures using facebook and other social networks.


Magic Canvas

Magic canvas is an app, for Android phones, that allows you to change the color of specific areas, with a brush size that is scalable and also offers masked and colored view options.


BeFunky Photo Editor

Already being one of the most famous photo editing applications on the web, BeFunky, is now also available on Android. It allows you to edit pictures, add amazing frames and about 20 special effects to them, and save them on your smart phone.


Fx Camera

This Android app let’s you snap photos in different effect modes like Polandroid and Toycam, that adds toy effects to your photo; Cartoon, which makes your photos appear like comics or manga.


Color Pop – Pop Colors

This android app allows you to turn your image into black and white mode and then bring back colors in extremely selected areas only. It includes features like saturation control, zoom, trackball support, preview, left-handed mode, as well as color correction.


Dash of Color Free

Dash of Color is an Android application that let’s you color selective areas of black and white pictures. It has an easy-to-use, yet perceptive user interface and the features are designed in a way that the user gets exactly what he’s looking for.


Photo Illusion

This android graphic application allows you to edit pictures by adding effects as well as filters. These high definition images can retain their quality even after cropping and resizing!



The free edition of this amazing android app lets you add spice and flavor to your photos by adding clipart, distortion as well as text. All this comes in an extremely friendly and perceptive interface!


Glow Paint

Glow Paint is an application for Android smart phones that lets you draw on your smart phone by neon paints using the touch screen and fingers. You may one amongst ten paint colors, a number of templates and patterns for backgrounds. The best part is that it also allows the use of the undo and redo options, so that the last brush stroke can be corrected.


Reduce Photo Size

Basic functions of this application are to alter the size of any image that you have on your phone. Specific features also include selective photo shrinking and image cropping.


Image Shrink Lite

Now the ease to diminish your most useful photos is just a click away with this amazing app. E-mailing smaller pictures becomes extremely easy by using this app.


Image Resizer

The new image resize application introduces the image resize tool which allows multiple pictures to be resized together along with changing the size of your basic directory files.


PicWorld-Best Images Engine

Searching for new images is not a problem anymore as PicWorld is a mobile app which allows the user to browse for all sorts of pictures. This app is ideal for locating wallpapers and popular images.



This is a relatively simple image finding tool that anyone can use. The app searches for images from popular websites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. What’s more is that selected pictures are conveniently saved into your SD card for future use.


NASA Images Archive

Space lovers, gear up: because the largest collection of NASA space pictures are now available on the android market. NASA image archive is an awesome app that holds more than 60,000 images including a brief description of their background. For relative ease, the pictures have been divided into five categories.



If you are looking for pictures and prefer to search from multiple webpages, then this is the perfect app for you. JustPictures allows you to browse through pictures from all your favorite platforms including Picasa, Twitter, Facebook and Windows live. All this and more is available on a single user interface.


Image Search

This application works by searching for pictures using Google API. Pictures may be selected and downloaded by long tapping on the specific image or visiting the containing website. Downloaded images may be accessed from the SD card.



Without wasting a moment you can now select your favorite writing font for your android cellphone using this amazing typography tool called Fontest.



Creating new handwriting fonts for social use has become possible by using androids new font creating app, Fontroid. What’s new about this app is that everyone can create different fonts and upload them to be used by other users.


Gallery++ CM

An additional feature to androids original image viewing tool, the Gallery ++ CM provides more high definition photo viewing. This application is available for android OS 2.1 and above.



Gallery+ provides a new 3D image viewing experience. Now you can manage all your photos and videos by sorting them into albums and folders for convenient access directly off your smartphone.


Gallery Lock Lite

This application is ideal for those android users who thrive on privacy. Gallery Lock Lite manages your photos by protecting them from unwanted attention by putting a password on all your picture folders.



PhotoGrid is the amazing new Smartphone application that helps make unique pictures by combining single pictures and converting them into beautiful collages. Selecting thumbnail photos as now become extremely easy.



Compiling photos for social networking sites is at the tip of your fingers with the new android app, Photoshake. The app works by assembling various photos and converting them into one distinct photo to be shared with your friends and family.


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  1. Rita Dawson says:

    These are really very cool apps for designers. The Pho.to Lab, BeFunky Photo Editor, Glow Paint and PicGet are something that I love and often use. To say, PicGet is the best of its kind that searches for images from the popular search engines and save them in the SD card. I have collected more than 17,000 photos through this app. Pototshake is also a good app that is helpful for social networking sites.

  2. What designer would use a bunch of photography apps? I thought I’d get a list of apps that were actually helpful like web design inspirations or hex color editors or something.

  3. thafraj says:

    add ‘picsart’ too,its a great editor.