Best issue tracking software for small teams

Tracking issues and planning a project is an essential thing to do in a small startup. This is why finding a reliable issue tracker app that allows you and your team to work in a more efficient manner is very important. Because of that, we have created a small list tools that will help you with all your issue tracking and project planning efforts.


1. Gitdone

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This particular application allows you to create issues and track them with ease. The app excels when it comes to bulk adding issues, and it provides complete access to any of the repositories that you want, without hassle!


2. DoneDone

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DoneDone is a tool that does a great job with issue tracking and also provides other features, such as coding, planning, testing, customer support and many others. If you are looking for a fast, reliable and convenient issue tracker, then DoneDone is a good choice since it basically keeps things simple by adding all the necessary tools that you might need, such as mail, sticky notes and spreadsheets into a single, organized environment that you will enjoy using.


3. Phabricator

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Phabricator is a very powerful software engineering suite that enables you to access a ton of useful applications for reviewing code, browsing repositories, keep track of notes and bugs. It even brings the capability of hiding items or hosting repositories as well, if needed.


4. Trello

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Trello allows you to bring the necessary efficiency for your team with the help of an exciting, easy to use and organized environment in which you can add information, leave notes for your team and track issues, among many other features. This is a highly useful and very intuitive application that is well worth your time.


5. Bee

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This is a Jira based client that allows you to access all the necessary features in order to make your small team more productive. Thanks to a clean interface, simple planning as well as the ability to track specific issues, this is a great and interesting clients to use for issue tracking!



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JIRA is the perfect tool for tracking issues, assigning work and much more. JIRA allows you to collaborate easier, plan things within a small company much faster and it even provides the necessary visibility, all in one neat package.


7. Mantis

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Mantis is an open source issue tracker that provides you with the ability to access powerful management features as well as interesting additions that make bug and issue tracking very easy to perform. You can access features such as mail notifications, access control as well as bring a lot of customizability into the overall experience.


8. Wunderlist

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This tool is all about keeping in touch with the other people in your business. You can add bugs and issues, track them as well as share to do lists with other people in the company. Wunderlist is all about convenience and bringing complete access to all team members for all the shared information.

These are the best tools that you can use for issue tracking. Thanks to the aforementioned applications you will be able to enjoy a more productive team effort, which will lead to better results and lower costs!

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