10 Best Android Apps For Photo Sharing

Everyone loves photo-sharing and that is the main reason why we are seeing so many photo-sharing apps coming out to the market. iPhone has its own photo-sharing giant we know as Instagram. But what about Android? Well the good news is that Instagram plan an Android launch in the future. But what are all the Android users going to use till that time? In order to help out all the Android users, today we have a list of 10 Best Photo-Sharing Apps for Android. All these apps are totally dedicated to sharing pictures easily from your Android phone. Check them out!


Lightbox is from former Google and YouTube product manager Thai Tran. It is quite a new photo sharing platform. It has a really rich and handy UI; and an inbuilt camera. It has a lot of awesome filters and allows posting on your Lightbox profile, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and FourSquare. Another great feature allows viewing users pictures from other social networks within the Lightbox app. It is still in development so we can expect betterments.

lightbox android


EyeEm a photo-sharing platform with a really pretty UI. It is smooth and handy. You have the ability of taking photos from within the app and then adding cool filters. Viewing live feeds and seeing what photos were taken around the location and sharing with other social networks is possible. But one thing that can be a bit annoying about this app is the fact that it insists on you putting a title and location on your photos.

eyeem android


Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo, is the most popular photo-sharing platforms out there and it has been around for about 7 years now. They have just launched an official Android client. The app boasts an alternative camera with filters and great tagging functions. It is handy and smooth, and allows easy uploading. Its UI is also quite impressive. It is a must have app for all the Flickr users as it allows access to pictures, albums and contacts.

flickr android


LiveShare is a photo sharing network by Cooliris. It has both, a mobile app and web service. Cooliris is famous for having a rich web interfaces but its mobile offering is quite basic. It allows uploading pictures, adding friends, viewing streams etc but still the app feels a little unfinished. It works quite nicely but its UI is very simple. Coming from Cooliris, LiveShare should be amazing, so you should check it out on this basis. But still many better apps are available out there.

liveshare for android


Path was lauded as the ‘next big thing’ by many blogs. It was blogged about an was a highly awaited service. It allows sharing photos with family and friends and interact around those photos. It works quite well and is a great way of sharing photos with your loved ones. Its UI is simplistic and the options are also quite basic but still the app is quite stable.

Path for Android


Photobucket is another very popular photo-sharing website who have launched a Android client. It allows uploading photos to the website or downloading photos from it, as well as sharing them to Twitter and Facebook. The Photobucket Corporation have also launched a separate app, called Snapbucket, which allows editing and adding filters and frames to your pictures. It has a rich UI and lets you tag photos. Viewing pictures is very easy and it also has an auto-upload feature. This good stable no-fuss app with many good features deserves a try.

photobucket for android


This one is a very popular Android photo-sharing service. With permissions, picplz lets you see which of your Twitter followers are already using this app, so that you can easily generate a number of people to share with who will already be familiar to you. It is a handy app, but does not provide editing options. But many of your friends would be already subscribed to it so this app may be worth checking out if you don’t want to build some new followers/friends for sharing your photos with.

picplz for android


Snapr allows uploading your photos and sharing them across many social networking websites as well as the Snapr website itself. Emphasis has been laid on the geographical location and sharing photos from specific places. The site boasts a rich geographical map of photos that looks really cool.It is a handy app with a nice UI. It even offers amazing editing tools for your photos. The Snapr community is quite small as it is still a new service, but will grow with time.

Snapr for android


This one boasts a very busy photo-sharing community and you can ‘Like’ other people’s photos. With every single ‘Like’ you get a point and they have daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards. This app allows adding filters, effects, frames and tilt-shifts to your photos. You can share your photos on other networks. It has a really nice UI and it is definitely a powerful way of sharing pictures on Android. It is a new service, but if it keeps growing like it is at the moment, then it will definitely reach greater hights.

streamzoo for android


Trover is a multi-platform app. It also puts a lot of emphasis on location. It has got a rich UI with a polished feel and it allows ‘visually exploring’ the locations around you. It provides a really engaging user experience. It is not the kind of app to share or store personal family pictures from, but it is definitely for all the travelers who simply love taking photos on the go. It is a great way of sharing photos and memories.

trover android


So this was the list of awesome and useful photo-sharing apps for Android users out there. They will let you take, share and tag photos with public or with a private group of friends. You can also communicate your location, or store large number of your pics in the cloud. All these apps are quite handy, fun and cool, so you should definitely give them a try! Happy photographing!

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