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Are you right about to launch a website? If so, then this is a reasonable decision, because a website can bring you lots of advantages, granted that this is a professional, well-structured, functional and visually appealing resource. Whatever personal or business goals you have, a website it that very tool that can help achieve them.

By having a website, you will establish reliable web presence, promote your business, drive the attention of the target audience, generate profit and reach other objectives.

Using website builder software will help you complete the task without any hassle and notable financial investment. The thing is that website builders have lots of advantages over the other web building tools. Some of them are as follows:


  • Ease of use and convenience
  • Extensive selection of professional  niche templates and design customization tools
  • Hosting, domain and full feature set provided
  • Secure and intuitive web building process
  • Affordability

Are you interested to find out the best simple website builder software you can make use of? It is high time to review the top 5 services that are worth the attention of non-techies and web design experts.



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Ucraft is a drag-and-drop cloud website builder, which works great for the development of business websites, portfolios, landing pages and web stores. The service features ease-of-use and convenience and, thus, it is oriented on the needs of non-techies as well as on the skills and experience of professional webmasters.

The website builder allows building websites with stunning design by making use of the advanced Designer Tools, which are absolutely free for everyone. The tools enlist Typography, UIKit and Layout. They help adjust your website design and styling without the need to look for extra tools.

You can edit texts, paragraphs and headings, pick your favorite color schemes and fonts, create and customize buttons and form fields, adjust your web page layout and do other things to create impressive website design. What’s more, Ucraft offers an extensive collection of responsive niche templates, where you can find those themes that work best for your needs.

The website builder stands out from the crowd due to its eCommerce platform. By using the features the engine offers, you can build and then effectively manage an online store, irrespective of its specialization and size. Web stores launched with the system look attractive and function well to ensure the best eCommerce experience.

Having launched an online store with Ucraft, you will be able to sell products via the social media services and world-popular trading platforms (such as eBay or AMazon, for example), use advanced SEO tools etc.

Among the other features the website builder is known for, it makes sense to mention a multilingual app that allows creating different language versions of your website, Free Landing Page Creator, Free Logo Maker, Articles App that makes it possible to add and publish blog posts as well as an advanced White Label solution. These features make the system one of the most remarkable and popular website builders in the contemporary niche.



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IM Creator is a cloud website builder, which has distinguished itself as a simple, professional, user-friendly and affordable service. It is a nice tool to launch commercial and non-commercial websites, which has a powerful feature set and allows building quality websites.

The website builder makes it possible for creatives, students and small business owners to create and manage portfolios, landing pages, business websites at no cost at all. The service has a decent eCommerce engine, which makes it a great tool for building online stores.

Whatever website you will launch with the system, managing and promoting it won’t take much effort and time as the service comes with intuitive and user-friendly interface, which will be understandable to everyone. What’s more, IM XPRS boasts a nice blogging platform, due to which it is possible to create and update a blog any time of the day.

Are you planning to launch a bulky project with multiple advanced features? If so, then it makes sense to use the White Label solution the system offers. It will especially be handy to large business owners, hosting providers, professional web designers and resellers, who would like to use the website builder features and advantages to promote their brands and grow client base.



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Mobirise is the downloadable website builder software, which is used by newbies and web design pros, who intend to create small/medium business websites, portfolios and landing pages. The service requires installation, but this fact does not diminish the benefits of the website builder.

Among the distinguishing features of the system, it makes sense to mention the block-based website structure. Thus, to form a website layout, you’ll have to choose the required content blocks (there are currently over 600 of them) and arrange them on a page to give it the required design. It is also possible to choose between free and paid templates here, customization of which doesn’t imply any coding skills at all.

All websites created with Mobirise are mobile-friendly and absolutely free. Whatever website type you plan to launch, you won’t be charged at all. However, get ready to pay for the hosting, domain name and extra extensions (like WOW Slider, Icons, PayPal Shopping Cart, Code Editor etc.) that can give your website superior functionality and excellent look. At the same time, Mobirise offers an opportunity of hosting your website with Github Pages for free. This allows having full control over your project.

There is one more feature that makes Mobirise the decent website builder software. The system was the first to introduce the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Website Builder, which allows boosting your website ranking by making the mobile browsing easy and fast. This is a handy tool for users planning to launch and manage blogs, online magazines, news portals and other suchlike projects.



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When it comes to the price/quality correlation, uKit is definitely worth the attention. It has won worldwide popularity as a small business website builder, which also works great for the development of landing pages, portfolios, promo websites etc. The system ensures smooth, pleasant, intuitive, safe and effective web building process that is easy-to-understand for users with diverse web building background and skills.

The website builder grants a stunning choice of features and options that make it the easiest service in the modern web building niche. Its collection of responsive customizable templates is worth the attention of everyone, who intends to launch a stylish website with superior performance.

For the searching convenience of users, all the themes fall into categories based on the niches they belong to. You can change the template on any stage of the web building process without losing the submitted content. For deeper design customization and unique result, it’s possible to use HTML skills for template code enhancing.

The most attractive uKit features enlist a variety of widgets for personal and business use, SSL certification for the enhanced safety of your website as well as powerful eCommerce and web building platforms allowing to launch, manage and promote these website types with ease. All in all, uKit is the decent website builder software that will help you get the most out of your web building experience.


Bottom Line

When it comes to the choice of decent website builder software, there are many contemporary web building solutions you can make use of. All of them have their pros and cons, but selecting the one, which will come up to your specific needs and requirements is a crucial step to reaching your goals.

The better the quality and feature set of a website builder is – the quicker you will manage to launch a decent website. Ucraft, uKit, Mobirise and IM Creator are the most professional website builders that allow to complete a myriad of tasks, ensuring worthy result. Test these systems to find out their strong and weak points prior to making the final decision.

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