Free psd ecommerce templates for 2014

Presented here are 6 free psd ecommerce templates created in 2014. Among all the free psd files, ecommerce templates seems to be the toughest to find. However, with the growing trend of buying stuff online, there is going to be a strong need for ecommerce design and development work, which means these free resources will be very useful in the coming months. Interestingly enough, none of the psd files are based on the flat design that is currently so prevalent.  I wonder why is this case? Any thoughts?


#1:  Lookshop

free psd ecommerce templates for 2014 6

Lookshop is a great looking ecommerce template that has both web and mobile components. It is perfect for fashion related ecommerce website and is absolutely free for download. It is simply one of the best free ecommerce template for 2014.


#2: Marvel ecommerce freebies

free psd ecommerce templates for 2014 5

This UI kit is for folks who want to build a Marvel ecommerce app. There are a lot of nice ecommerce elements in this kit but you need a dropbox account to be able to sign in and download it. Worth the effort though especially if you are a Marvel app developer or designer.


#3: La Shoppa ecommerce template

free psd ecommerce templates for 2014 1

La Shoppa is a clean and beautifully design ecommerce template for 2014.  It has everything a modern ecommerce website should have including a blog and a customer support section.


#4:  Featured products template

free psd ecommerce templates for 2014 2

A lot of effort went into this free ecommerce template. From product listing to ‘sold out’ button, it has covered pretty much all you need for an ecommerce website.


#5:  Ecommerce app psd

free psd ecommerce templates for 2014 4

For developers doing mobile commerce, this template will be a useful resource. A lot of app design elements for mobile ecommerce has been included in the psd so you have a lot of resources to work with.


#6: PSD ecommerce theme

free psd ecommerce templates for 2014 3

A bit of cheating here. This theme is actually produced in late Nov 2013. However, since it is so hard to find new and free ecommerce psd templates in 2014, I thought including this late 2013 entry should not be an issue.

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