SmashingHub’s cool tools roundup 9

This is the 9th post in the series so I was wondering what do readers think of it. Is it useful? Would you like it to continue or is it a waste of time? Personally, I like writing it as it forces me to look out for things that are cool, up and coming or performs a really neat function that can help us save time and effort.

If you think there is anything I need to improve on for this series, please drop me a comment or a facebook reply.


#1: SVG webfonts for payment

cool tools roundup 9-1

Not really a tool but is a nice free resource that I am sure many of you will benefit from. It contains icons of main payment systems that is used by many websites. Feel free to clone or use any of them.


#2: Avocode

cool tools roundup 9-2

This is a tool still in beta but the idea sounds very interesting. With Avocode, you don’t need photoshop to preview all the different PSD elements such as CSS, SVG files etc.


#3: SketchTool

cool tools roundup 9-3

This is a great free tool for anyone who uses the Sketch App. Like what its tagline says, you can easily export your Sketch pages out and start manipulating them using command line execution.


#4: Wholly

cool tools roundup 9-4

This useful jQuery plugin allows you to hover over the table that can highlight rows and columns. It is easy to build tables using this free plugin.


 #5: Cakebrew

cool tools roundup 9-5

If you liked using Homebrew on a Mac computer, now you can with Cakebrew. It is specifically created for the Mac crowd and adds a GUI to make it more user friendly for the crowd to use.


#6: Responsive

cool tools roundup 9-6

If you feel that Bootstrap and Foundation have gotten too heavy, then Responisve is a free alternative is much more lightweight. Relative to the previous framework, it is relative minimalist and doesn’t require you to overwrite a lot of the default designer styles.


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