8 cool triple thick business card designs

Business card designs have come a long way. Not longer are they boring rectangular pieces of paper. Now, they represent creative expressions of ideas as well as something to remember your company by. One recent trend in business card designs is the use of triple layer technology. It is a very useful innovation and one that might inspire new forms of designs. With that said, here are some of the cool triple thick business card designs for you to draw inspiration from.


#1: Signazon triple thick business card design

triple thick business card design 1

Signazon is a professional printing company that produces beautiful triple layer business cards. The above is just one example of the kind of quality template design. Signazon triple layer cards are named Tri-Luxes and they are thick, durable, bend resistant business cards made with 3 layers of paper, with the center layer colored. Very functional and very elegant.

If you are interested to see their templates, click on the link above to check out more designs.



#1: My business cards by Sarah Khandjian

triple thick business card design 2

A nicely design business card for personal use using triple layer printing. You can see the thickness of the cards, which actually allows you to add in a layer of color that is not possible for normal business cards.


#3: Thick and Fancy Business Cards by Chris Thurman

triple thick business card design 3

Nice use of green on a strong black background. You might not see it from the image but the thickness of the card will give it a better feel when you are handling out these to your clients.


#4: NN Sports – Business cards by Mark Nannen

triple thick business card design 4

As mentioned in #2, one benefit of a triple thick business card is that it allows you to add color to the side. This is what mark try to do here by self painting the side green. Got a bit messy in the end so I would suggest you use a more professional service like Signazon.com, rather than DIY.


#5: TMM Steno Business Cards by Kris Jolls

triple thick business card design 5

Again, notice the use of strong side colors on a triple business card design? Love the black and white versions of the same design. Both looks equally good.


#6: Branding for Suite by Abraham GarcĂ­a

triple thick business card design 6

A very luxurious look and design. With a triple layer card, you can create a feel that matches the luxurious design that you have created.


#7: Tattoo artist business card by Kristin Miaso

triple thick business card design 7

Not sure if this is triple layer business but it is definitely good looking. The sides are actually hand painted by the designer herself!


#8: Personal Business Cards by Jeroen van Eerden

triple thick business card design 8

A simple but elegant personal business card design that is printed on a triple layer technology. The designer reviewed that the cards felt really solid.

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  1. Rajat Gupta says:

    thanks nice designs. i like the “Thick and Fancy Business Cards by Chris Thurman”. will get my visiting cards designed with same colour combination or maybe with blue background.