10 ideas to increase brand awareness

Advertisement Creating brand awareness is something that every company needs to do. With increased competition due to the Internet, letting people remember your company name is becoming more difficult. As designers and developers, we should think of ways [&hellip

50 Tutorials of Creating Buttons And Badges

The tutorials in this list are extremely easy-to-follow. In this amazing collection we have 50 Unique Buttons And Badges Tutorials for you all. They teach you how to create beautiful and unique buttons and badges for your websites in step-by-step tutorials. Buttons and badges help spice up website. They have the ability of enhancing the [&hellip

40 Fresh Examples of Flat Web Design

Flat design is the latest and most widely used trend nowadays which depicts the era of development and modernity perfectly. This design is extremely modern and attractive with no extra or unnecessary effects such as drop shadows, gradients, [&hellip