Amazing Optical Illusion Photos

An optical illusion occurs when information absorbed by the eye is processed by the brain to give a perception that doesn’t match the physical measurement of the source.There are three types: literal optical illusions like Shuplyak’s, physiological optical illusions where a specific aspect of vision – such as brightness, colour or size – is exaggerated, and cognitive illusions which occur for unconscious reasons.

One of the coolest scenes of photos is that you can use your camera to twist reality. With the help of natural elements, unique composition, color, light and even photo editing software, you can create works of art that confuse the mind and trick the eye.

The photographs you are about to view do just that. They take a variety of elements and create images that make you stop and think “How’d they do that?” or just laugh to yourself.

Double Helix

Double Helix

Pyramid of wood and shadows

Pyramid of wood and shadows

Illusion on the sidewalk

Illusion on the sidewalk

Shadow Play

shadow play

Leeland Dunk

Leeland Dunk
Shadow Illusion

Shadow Art Building Blocks


Flying Carpet Shadow Optical illusion


Hover Boat shadow

Standing Beside Dark Spot on Ground Hovering

Shadow Doggy From Behind

Shadow Kiss Meet Serendipty

Sneaker Shadow Shoes Silhouette

Shadow Optical Illusion People

Steinmetz Text


Focus on Places


Dirty White trash


Amazing Shadow Art

Amazing Shadow Art

The Pole Illusion

The Pole Illusion

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  1. reza says:

    I would like natural photography.Please send me any photo.thank you

  2. Nice arts,Shadow Doggy is so real 😉

  3. Paul says:

    cool! Excellent! Really enjoyed these!

  4. Blogerko says:

    Wow,the best one is on the pool

  5. jorge says:

    What a trip! Makes me feel like I am in college again!