4 important rules for web design in the cloud

The cloud can make a number of things simpler in your business as web design is typically included. However to get the most out of the cloud, you need to make sure that you follow certain rules. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a great deal of trouble and having to redo some of your work.


Break Work Apart Based on Confidential and Nonconfidential Information

Depending on your work, your web design may include confidential and nonconfidential information. When this happens, you need to make sure that you break it up based on that basis. For sharing the web files with your other workers and designers, you need to make sure that only those who must see the confidential information see it. Otherwise, you could waive confidentiality protections and open yourself up to loss of the information entirely. Nonconfidential information can be stored in a general cloud file with general safety parameters.

web design in the clouds


Never Compress Files

Even though putting together a full web design package can be quite time consuming in upload times, you must never compress the files until they are finalized, and you know that they will upload to the site without a problem. Unless you have a specialized program, compressing your web files will result in a loss of quality. If the lower quality images and pages do not cause a problem, then you can ultimately compress them. However, while you are in the design page, you should make sure that you upload the full files to cloud storage. You may have to invest in more space, but it will be money well spent.


Use Clear Folders and Descriptions

You will want to make sure that you create clearly labeled folders to ensure that everything is clear from the start. With multiple people working on a website design project, it’s not uncommon for people to sometimes make mistakes and overwrite other people’s work. Try to make the cloud folders clearly descriptive so that they are easy to match up. The simpler you make the filing process, the more likely the other people working on the project will follow it


Label Versions as Well

In some cases, the website design project may require that you have multiple versions. When that happens, create completely separate folders for each one. You may find yourself with a number of duplicates, but having separate folders and sections for the various versions prevent them from becoming more confusing. It also helps you to avoid duplicated or overwritten work.


Using the cloud for website design can result in increased efficiency and cooperation. At the same time, you also run the risk of duplicated work and unintentional overwrites, among other things. To avoid this, you should make sure that you take certain precautions. Break confidential and nonconfidential information apart to maintain maximum security, avoid compressing files during the development and design stage, take the time to create clear folders and descriptions, and separate out all versions so that they cannot be confused with one another.

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