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  1. Shane says:

    Great advice! I also agree that giving the client a few options is always a good process. One thing I always do, and highly recommend, is to draw thumbnail sketches once you’re ready to start the design process. Depending on how well you draw, you could actually show the client the sketches and expand on those instead of spending hours and hours on the computer trying to refine just one or two concepts.

    Another solid post, thanks again!

  2. Shub says:

    Definitely, a good summary of the complexities present when designing a logo. Having to produce a simple result (easy to remember and quick to reproduce) doesn’t mean the design process behind it is simple or fast.

    With all the research and testing necessary to develop a good logo design, rushed solutions would lead to unsatisfactory results.

  3. Srish Agrawal says:

    Excellent Tips!

  4. Jessie says:

    Logo design is definitely a process, but I would say that the ability to reproduce is at the top of my list of concerns when I dive in.

    I can definitely say that not taking things personal took a while to understand, but now I just shrug it off and keep moving.

    Great advice in here. Thank you.

  5. Claudiu says:

    Thanks for information 😀

  6. Brian says:

    Most designer forget reproduction factor of LOGO DESIGN on various media. Thats i think most important while designing …thanks for sharing

  7. Tauqeer says:

    yes, definitely i agree about the research paragraph if you cannot research before making your design so how could you make such a great designs . thanks for sharing

  8. David J says:

    I agree with all these points, excellent article!!!

  9. Igor says:

    Well said.

    However I am not really sure about creating only one version of a logo for your client.
    My practice is to usually prepare two or three different ideas for a logo, one of which is then chosen and further developed.

    It is good to present client at least some options, not only present the first thing that popped into your mind. There should be some creative process behind it.

    However I am also guilty of proposing too many versions, and it is true that this consumes way too much time and at the end creates confusion for the customer.

  10. All tips are worthy.. Thanks, Smashinghub!