30 Beautiful Norway Pictures

Norway goes by the official name of Kingdom of Norway. The capital city of Norway is Oslo and the population was 4,952,000 in 2011 which is scattered on an area of 148,000 square miles. The roads are usually wide and absolutely clear and there are now crowds. People look proud at the mere beauty of their homeland and it is peaceful, serene and naturally awesome. One thing to know is that if you are not a big fan of cold do not make the mistake of travelling there in the winter season even though it is absolutely gorgeous.

Norway has a massive array of unspoiled nature, beautiful mountains and elaxing beaches and is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world. If you really want to admire nature and witness the true beauty of it, you might want to visit here. They say a picture says a thousand words but that is not true for most of the pictures that you will see in this particular post. These pictures leave you without words to express your feelings about the amazing scenes you are about to witness.

We present to you a list of 30 Beautiful Norway photos around the country.


Credit: Jan Kiese


Norway View

Credit: Apo Japo

17-Norway View

Extreme Kayaking

Credit: Tord Andre Oen

18-Extreme Kayaking

Lofoten Winter

Credit: Cody Duncan

Scenic winter view across Kjerkfjorden towards Vindstad, near Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway

Blowin in the Wind

Credit: Arild Heitmann

Blowin in the Wind


Credit: Roman Rodionov


Deepsea Atlantic

Credit: Tord Andre Oen

22-Deepsea Atlantic


Credit: lizzy2012


Norway 130

Credit: lonelywolf2

24-Norway 130

Norwegian Forest Cat

Credit: Johnny Krüger

25-Norwegian Forest Cat


Credit: Debbie Martin



Credit: Chris Pietnik


Hellisoy Lighthouse

Credit: Tord Andre Oen

28-Hellisoy Lighthouse

Bergen City

Credit: Fredrik Asche Kaada

29-Bergen City

Reindeer in the Mist

Credit: dfoster

30-Reindeer in the Mist


Credit: Arild Heitmann


After Storm Wave

Credit: Bjørn A Hveding

2-After Storm Wave

Golden Blizzard

Credit: Arild Heitmann

3-Golden Blizzard

Balance Act

Credit: Harry Eggens

4-Balance Act

Winter in Northern Norway

Credit: Frédéric Verhelst

5-Winter in Northern Norway


Credit: Mikko Laitinen


The Troll’s Tongue

Credit: Till Hanten

7-The Troll’s Tongue



Credit: Tommy Eliassen


Polar Bear on Melting Ice

Credit: Paul Souders

Polar Bear, Svalbard, Norway

Atlantic Ocean Road

Credit: Alexander Dragunov

10-Atlantic Ocean Road


Credit: Ghost Farm


Bryggen In Bergen

Credit: Tord Andre Oen

12-Bryggen In Bergen

Troll’s Ladder

Credit: Alexander Dragunov

13-Troll’s Ladder

The Birds!

Credit: David C. Schultz

14-The Birds

A Green Blanket Over The Mountains

Credit: Daniel Montero

15-A Green Blanket Over The Mountains

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