Unbelievable Architecture Designs for the Future

Architecture is the art and inspirational ideas from a designers. In technology era, much software’s used for making unbelievable concepts. Designers used much latest software like 3D Max, Maya and Vere. These softwares offer great options for making renderings of the architectural designs in a perfect way.

Today’s collection consists for upcoming models of Architecture, some or already in progress or slated to begin construction soon. It’s truly a mind blowing fantasy depicted in pictures. These are truly amazing and inspiring architectural designs that won’t probably get to see accomplished.

Complex at the Centre of the Universe – Staszek Marek, Poland

The Great Bayan Sergey Skachkov , Russia

Mega Village 2108

Honorable Mention – Gaia’s Gift – Petar Milivojevic, Belgrade, Serbia

Honorable Mention – In a Beautiful Place out in the Country – Colin Cassidy, Great Britain

Honorable Mention – Wandering City – Sergey Skachkov, Russia

Honorable Mention – Gaia’s Gift – Petar Milivojevic, Belgrade, Serbia

Honorable Mention – 5:45 Santa Monica now boardin – Aleksander Novak-Zemplinski, USA

Honorable Mention – Solaric Glass Anemore Structure V – Albert Kiefer, Netherlands

Honorable Mention – Water Plant – David Gonzalez Fernandez, Spain

Dynamic, Wind-Powered Rotating Tower

Dystopian Farming in Manhattan

The Venus Project: Working Toward Sustainable Global Civilization

Dragonfly, a Metabolic Farm for Urban Agriculture

The Future World Trade Center

Songjiang Hotel: Paradise in a Water-Filled Quarry

No Man’s Land: Fresh Water, Clean Energy… and Peace

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  1. Lil says:

    OMG! Those are amazing! My mind is freaking blown

  2. SHAHJAHAN says:

    iam a interiol designer
    these designs are really amzing..add more plz for learn more

  3. Sarah says:

    These designs are classics. I am a student at New School Architecture and I can’t wait to start my career!

  4. Adeosun says:

    i love d designs but is good to be creativity, can come to reality in this world

  5. Barau says:

    Ilove the high level of creativity displayed,and must confess am inspired

  6. elijahdanie says:

    designs are wild. thougth incredible!

  7. UBONG says:


  8. Saeed khan says:

    These design are really funny and amazing. In my opinion few of them look nice on a paper but would be difficult to construct these.

  9. disha says:

    its too good….. thanks

  10. Amber!! says:

    Wow these are such amazing pictures!
    I’m a senior right now an that’s what i’m studing for!
    I’m thinking bout going to college for it but i think I’d rather do illustration because i am an artist myself!pictures like these motivate me alot more =]

  11. Jim says:

    i like the specs for the future world trade center…. i have not been back to ground zero in a year or so but this picture is inspiring..