10 Fresh Resources For Designers And Developers Part 2

Designing and developing is one job in which you have to stay updated always with the latest technology and tools so that you can create stuff according to the latest trends and demands. If the design is not up-to-date and is old fashioned, then users would not be able to get a good user experience and would not like it. So for the success of your project, keeping it fresh and oven hot is a must.

Designers and developers are always looking for latest and useful resources and tools that can help them ameliorate their work and enhance their productivity. The reason for this is the fact that the job of designers and developers is already very tough and hectic as it is a full time job in which their hundred percent attention and hard work is required to create a good project.

A collection of 10 Fresh Resources For Designers And Developers For March 2013. The tool and resources included in this list are quite helpful and can come in handy for your work. The tools mentioned here are of various types, but one thing is common in them and that is their usefulness and handiness. So check them out and pick the ones you like the best.

Tip : 15 Fresh Resources for Developers and Designers

Touch Swipe


Over the past few years, the touch screen devices have totally revolutionized the tech industry. Touch screen devices are of various types, such as cell phones, computers, tablets etc. Thus websites should also be touch-screen compatible so that people can use them from their latest devices. Enabling the multi-touch ability for your website is a very wise idea as it can help you make your website even more user-friendly. One easy way to do that is by using Touch Swipe, which is a jQuery plugin that has the ability of detecting swipes and finger gestures on your website. It supports various gestures, such as, finger swipe, pinch, and zoom etc.



One of the most annoying things about Internet Explorer for designers and developers is testing websites for it, as its every single version is different with different responses and requirements. This is where Modern.Ie can come in handy. It is a collection of tools for testing websites in IE in its various versions. It simply scans the webpage for problems and then recommends its fixes!

JQuery Mention Input


Mentions are very commonly used on social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook. These allow including a friend’s name into a post or tweet, and is typically with written with a “@” sign. If you wish to create a similar feature in your website, then you can easily do it by using this awesome jQuery plugin. It requires at least jQuery version 1.6 and Underscores.js for proper functioning.

App Icon Template


App Icon Template is a highly customizable tool that can help you create icon templates. It is a PSD template that has with Photoshop Action scripts that allows making your design iOS-compatible, for both, Retina or non-Retina devices.



It you wish to create Instagram instant search, then you should give this jQuery plugin a try. It allows getting media from Instagram at your website, including recent media published by a user, popular media or newly tagged media by Instagram API. It even lets you set the image size according t your choice! Thus it is a flexible and good tool for getting Instagram feeds easily and quickly.



It is a handy CSS library that contains a set of styles rules for making tooltip. The tooltip is created with CSS3 Transition, CSS3 property, pseudo-element, and data attribute. These act as a good substitute of JavaScript-based tooltip.



Anyone can create comics, even if they are not very expert at drawing. Creating comics has been made extremely easy – thanks to this awesome web based editor. It allows making xkcd style comic strip. The comic graphic will be totally made of HTML and SVG.



Mou is an awesome editor for MarkDown format especially designed for developers. It allows Syntax highlighting, live previewing, sync scrolling, fullscreen mode, auto saving, powerful actions, auto pairing, custom themes and CSS, HTML and PDF export and ameliorated CJK etc. It is a quick solution to your MarkDown related tasks. But the only downer is that it is only available for OSX at present.



This one is a font for mock-ups and wireframing which has only block format. It is a great substitute of Lorem Ipsum, thus makes your task a lot easier. It is present out there as a desktop font and webfont.



This one is a really nice JS-based CSS Pre-processor that boasts some great features. It allows carrying out various tasks such as vendor prefixing, generating many rules etc which allow writing complex CSS3 rules easily and quickly. It is actually a superset of CSS.

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