27 Breathtaking Examples of Fire Performance Photography

Fire has always captivated mankind. Attempts to harness and contain its power are matched by its thrilling brilliance. If you’ve ever stared at a shifting flame, you may know the awareness of being lost in its rhythmic dance of vapors and flash. Fire photography captures moments of the awesome power that is on display.

This collection of fire photography displays various states of its existence. From the subtle spark of a match to the sheer power of an uncontrollable fireball, the photos on display are truly breathtaking. As you are inspired by these photos, what emotions come into mind? Please share your thoughts in the comments section on the qualities of fire and how they are captured in these breathtaking examples of fire photography.

Credit Goes to : Thoum

Credit Goes : Jan Karlsson

Credit Goes to : P2 Photography

Credit Goes to : Gordon Bowbrick

Credit Goes to : Mario Jean

Credit Goes to : Mario Jean

Credit Goes to : ciberknight

Credit Goes to : Bogdan Pedovich

Credit Goes to : Guillaume Ducarme

Credit Goes to : Marc Benslahdine

Credit Goes : fbaillet

Credit Goes : Guillaume Ducarme

Credit Goes : abjfoto

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  1. Jim says:

    some people are absolutely crazy, but all in all these pictures are amazing…love that you can almost feel the warmth of the images….

  2. mo says:

    this makes me fall in love with photography all over again – great captures and image saturation

  3. the tartan trickster says:

    As a street magician and performer ive seen many fire jugglers and poi poi people…these photographs are awesome…thanks for sharing.