Glasses, contact, or lasik – Which option is best for you?

Technology isn’t limited to the cloud, computers, and cellphones. We are seeing strides made in how efficient and affordable Lasik eye surgery is becoming. Likewise, contacts are becoming more affordable and more comfortable to wear. Even eyeglasses are getting lighter and more stylish. With improvements in every arena the decision on which option is best for you is becoming all the more difficult. It’s mainly a personal choice, however, there are certain benefits and drawbacks associated with both.

Eyeglasses are often chosen by people that don’t even require corrective lenses. Companies like Eyeglass Express offer plenty of stylish  choices, and even provide cool options to transform your  regular glasses into a pair of sunglasses. Regardless of your physical face type you can find an option that works for you! Regardless of how cool eyeglasses have gotten there will always be people that find them uncomfortable and opt for other choices.

Contact lenses have come a long way over the past few decades. With options like Lasik you would think their sales would be on the decline, but just the opposite is true. With contacts becoming more affordable, many people opt for the one pair a day lenses as they remain comfortable all day and there is no need to take care of and clean them on a daily basis. If you want an even cheaper option you can purchase one or two week pairs that still remain comfortable and have limited daily care. The longer the use the cheaper they are. The best part, regardless if you  have glasses or contacts, most vision insurance companies offer reimbursement for both.

Lasik used to strike fear into people who thought they would go blind with the slip of a knife. These days lasik is as safe as getting your teeth cleaned, albeit quite a bit more expensive. These days you can expect to pay roughly $1,500 per eye for any reputable eye surgeon. Though the one benefit is that you only have to pay one time for the rest of your life, whereas glasses and contacts continue their costs the rest of your life. Often times vision insurance offers upfront discounts for using preferred doctors, though they usually don’t pick up any additional costs beyond that. You  usually can use a flexible spending account on lasik though, which offers you a tax deductible way of paying for it.

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