TeamWox Online Management System For Small Business

Handling and managing a small online business with even a small team with less than 10 members is not as easy as it seems. Good interaction and collaboration with your team members are the main things in working efficiently and thus helping your business grow. This is where TeamWox can come in handy. Now the question is what is TeamWox? Well, it is a really efficient and sophisticated enterprise management cloud-based groupware system which can help you manage your business and work as a team.  All you are required to do to take advantage of this amazing service is to fill out a simple registration form, then enter the desired name for your company and email and voila – you are ready to begin your management tasks such as organization, task management, document workflow, CRM, IP telephony and service desk etc.


About 4,000 companies around the planet are using this amazing online service for handling their business and keeping in touch with their employees or team members.


Some of the most important and useful features of TeamWox are as following:

  • Human Resource Management (HRM): It helps in keeping safe all the information of the team members such as their personal details, addresses, contact numbers, IMs, email addresses, or other types of documents related to the employee such as labor agreement, scanned copies of passports, medical records, etc.
  • Tasks: It allows creating and assigning tasks to team members and managing team work.
  • Documents Management (DocFlow): It helps in effective documents management.
  • eMail Client: This email module is now bound with the entire collaboration system.
  • Organizations & Contacts (CRM functions): This lets you organize and save the data base of all the customers and contacts
  • Message Board (Forum): It aids in effective communication between team members.
  • Online Assistant (Chat): It also supports online chat feature to help interact in a better way with other people.
  • TeamWox Editor: Using this feature you can draw mind-map graphics or html message.
  • Other important features include: IP PBX Phone System, Corporate Search Engine, Reports, Service Desk (HelpDesk) and Accounting and e-Bank etc.

Advantages of using TeamWox:

  •  It boasts the IP PBX Phone (corporate telephony service) module in which allows secure voice communication. You can simply arrange PBX (Private Branch eXchange) for managing internal and external phone calls. It has many benefits, such as: ease, convenience, low-cost external calls and a wide range of VoIP-services from any telephony provider, no cost for internal calls and many more.
  • Live Chat (Online Assistant) and Service Desk public features of this service allow integrating an online chat feature to your websites for customer feedback.
  • You can get a free SaaS version for 2 months or a totally free of cost version for small businesses (less than 10 team members).
  • It makes working as a team a breeze! One can easily manage a team and work together to achieve certain goals


Staying organized in a business is the key to success. This software will help in handling and managing your business, keeping it organized and working together productively as a team. It makes collaboration and interaction an extremely easy task. All these things can contribute greatly in the growth of your business, so giving this service a try would be a very wise idea.

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