Top 25 Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers

Google Chrome is now one of the most popular and widely used browser. Apart from its ease of use, one of the things that make Google Chrome so popular is the plethora of amazing extensions it offers. You can find extensions for almost anything. Google Chrome extensions can prove to be really useful for bloggers, as a lot of amazing blogging related extensions are present out there.

So today, we have a list of Top 25 Google Chrome Extension for Bloggers. These extensions were specially hand picked, keeping in mind the requirements of a blogger. Check the list out and pick the ones that suit your needs the best. We hope you will find this list useful.

1. AddThis – Share & Bookmark (new)

AddThis - Share & Bookmark (new)

As the name suggests, AddThis is is an amazing extension for sharing stuff on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg, Blogger. Tumblr and Reddit etc. etc. It allows sharing on more than such 300 websites; and that too very easily and quickly. It is a really handy extension that not only allows sharing stuff, but also lets you bookmark, print and translate webpages. This tool is highly customizable and you can modify it according to your choice from the “Options”.

2. WordPress Stats

WordPress Stats

Every blog or website owner wants to know how many people are visiting his blog/website. This extension provides you daily stats of your blog/website right inside your chrome browser. It gives you detailed information such as referrers, top posts, top search term and clicks of your blog without even having to login your blog dashboard. This tool is free of cost, really easy to use and a great time saver. Definitely a must have!

3. Storie Web Clipper

Storie Web Clipper

Storie Web Clipper is an amazing extension that makes adding pictures to your stories a breeze. It allows adding pictures from anywhere on the web, which you can use to make scrapbooks or a wish list etc. For adding a picture, all you are required to do is to simply right-click over it and then choose “Post image to Storie”. A great feature of Storie is that gives a nice attribution, all by itself, when showing the picture so that you are able to go to the website where you found that picture. In order to use this extension, you are required to sign up to Storie.

4. Sniphr


Sniphr is a real time saving and useful extension. This simple extension allows you saving snippets of text that you highlighted from the anywhere on web. It is the simplest type of bookmarking tool present out there. You will find it a blessing if you are a lazy person!

5. Iframely


Iframely find the oEmbed data and html code on the webpage you are presently on and allows clipping it for pasting on your blog/website. This extension is based on oEmbed technology. It displays the findings in the address. You can simply click on its icon for viewing the details. Both, bloggers and developers will find this extension useful. Bloggers can use it for getting native website’s code to your blog and developers can use it for debugging your website’s data. It is a really nice tool to have and can prove to be very useful.

6. – URL Shortener

SRef-in - URL Shortener

This is a great extensions for shortening URLs. It allows tracking,forwarding , getting QR codes and redirecting URLs. You can then easily share the URL on Twitter, Facebook,, Digg, and LinkedIn etc. It lets you share URLs really easily by simply clicking on the extension button and selecting the website and sharing!

7.  Blog This!

Blog This!

Blog This! is an awesome extension which allows posting to your Blogger blog from any webpage in a single click. This thing makes posting really easy and quick. Using this app, all that you are required to do is to simply click the icon for opening Blogger in a new window. A link to the webpage you are currently on and the highlighted text will be already present in the new post. Then you can edit it and post it directly to your blog! Extremely simple and quick, isn’t it?

8. Notepad Editor

Notepad Editor

Notepad Editor is a simple html editor which lets you save notes in the Chrome browser. It allows creating, editing, saving and deleting the text in chrome browser. This extension has multi language support. You can also add notes or store link from web pages through context menu

9. Thesauraptor


Thesauraptor is a thesaurus extension that lets you find the word you are looking for from right inside your browser. It is really quick and your will find it very useful. Now thanks to this extension, you would be able to find words or their replacement easily and instantly!

10. Live Earnings Checker for Google AdSense™

Live Earnings Checker for Google AdSense

Every blog/website owner wants to know how much he is earning through Google Adsense and wants to stay updated with all the latest stats 24/7. This is where this awesome extension can help you as it displays Adsense earnings for the day and month, and it is updated after every 5 minutes. It is a really nice tool that boasts support for all currencies and languages. Simply hover your cursor over its icon and see the details about that current day and month’s earning; and also the time of last check. A treasure for all the curious blog/website owners out there!

11. SpokenText for Chrome

As the name suggests, this extension this extension allows converting text from a web page into speech. All you have to do is to just select the text, click on its icon, then click record and that’s it! This awesome tool also allows recording online documents (Word, PDF, plain text, PowerPoint). It supports 3 languages i.e., English, French and Spanish. Downloading your recordings as mp3 is also possible, and you can also share them easily.

12. Diigo: Bookmark, Archive, Highlight


Diigo is one of the chrome extensions for highlighting, annotating, archiving and bookmarking webpages. It is a really handy tool which can prove to be really useful when you are busy or in a hurry and want to save things to read later. This extension also allows sharing pages with annotations on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook etc.

13. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot lets you take screenshots from right inside your browser, of the whole page or just a part of it. You can also annotate it using various shapes and effects like rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text and blur or erase sensitive info. You can also crop the screenshot. It is a great extension for bloggers or website owners who frequently take screenshots.

14. RSS Feed Reader

RSS Feed Reader

As the name hints, this one is an extension for keeping track of all your latest feeds. It provides you an overview of your RSS and Atom feeds in the toolbar. You can quickly view the latest posts or subscribe to new feeds by clicking the icon. You can also mark feeds as read and import/export them from/to on another PC. You are given the option of choosing the number of posts to display and select a light or dark theme. It is a great way of staying updated with the latest feeds.

15. Traffic Rank

Traffic Rank

This extension displays the Alexa Traffic Rank of your blog or website in the toolbar. Using this extension you will be able to view the rank of 1 month, 3 month & 7 day, 1 day if available. The values appear as 146K for 146,234 or 18M for 18,111,322.

16. The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Addon

The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search

Bloggers are always looking for free stock images to use with their content. Finding free stock photos is not at all an easy task. This is where this amazing extension can help you, as it offers searching half a billion free stock photos from more than 200 websites. These websites include Flickr and Wikimedia Commons,, PhotoXpress and many more. This small icon drops down a list of all these websites offering free stock photos, illustrations, clipart and texture etc. You can also set which website should be your default search. But please make sure to use the images within the author’s license. The addon menu boasts quick-access to the license page of each site.

17. Fast QR-Code Generator

Fast QR-Code Generator

Having a QR-Code is really important now days. With the smart phone revolution, it is very important to make your website as mobile friendly as possible, so that people do not have to go through the irksome process of entering the URL and can simply access your website. This tiny extension will help you generate a QR-Code for your website quickly and easily.

18. Supercounters


Supercounters allows you see how many people are currently on your blog/website. You have to enter the site id for this extension to work properly, but once done, it will show you the results.

19. Text URL Linker

Text URL Linker

This one is a really simple, yet very useful tool. It allows you to easily replace URL in a post with link element. It saves you a lot of time and energy!

20. Word Count

Word Count

The name says it all. This chrome extension counts the words and characters that are currently in your selection. This extension can help you when you have a set word limit.

21. WordPress Comments Notifier

Wordpress Comments Notifier

Replying to the comments/questions on your blog/website quickly is very important. It meliorates the interaction between you and the visitors to your website. This thing will make them regular and loyal visitors, which is obviously very good for your blog/website. This extension helps you reply to those comments quickly by notifying you of pending comments on your WordPress blog/website. You are required to enter the URL of your blog/website in the ‘options’ and you must be logged in to your blog for checking new comments.

22. Blogger Smart Punctuations

Blogger Smart Punctuations

The presentation and look of a post matters a lot. You should try to enhance it as much as you can. So this extension simply replaces the straight quotes (“like this”) with smart quotes (“like this”) in Blogger’s post editor. It modifies the following things in a post:
– double quotes (“quotes” ? “quotes”)
– single quotes (‘quotes’ ? ‘quotes’)
– dashes (– ? — and — ? —)

23. Spotify Search

Spotify Search

This chrome extension allows searching the selected text in Spotify, through a context menu that it adds. Simply right click the selected text and search it within spotify. You are required to have spotify installed.

24. Website Worth Calculator

Website Worth Calculator

Every website owner wants to know how much his/her website is worth. This extension offers detailed website information like total website worth, daily income, pagerank, backlinks, traffic detail and directory listing etc. It is definitely a great tool to estimate your website’s worth. Other important information provided by this extension include: Alexa Rank, BackLinks, Meta Description, server IP, Rank Graphs, server location map and DMOZ listing.

25. drag2up


This is a fabulous plugin which makes sharing stuff on the web a breeze. Simply drag and drop the file from your PC onto the form you would like to add the file to. The file will then be uploaded to a host and inserted into the field all by itself! Using this extension you can upload files to websites like imgur, immio, imageshack, snelhest, Flickr, Picasa, TwitrPix, TwitPic, Twitgoo,, Posterous, gist, Pastebin, Mysticpaste, Chemical Servers, DAFK,, Hotfile, Dropbox, CloudApp, or Droplr.

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