15 Tips to Improve Long Term Blog Traffic That You Must Follow

The process of driving traffic to your blog site is the most effective concept to remember and utilize in building your blogging business. In my opinion, it is one of the most important parts of the business, because without visitors, you will make no money at all. Driving traffic to your web site can be a reasonably simple task if you follow a few guidelines. There are no real ‘secrets’ you need to learn in order to increase your blog traffic, so today I’m going to share what I know and how traffic can be built effectively. This can be used on sites you are just starting up or on blogs that are already established, there should be something here for everyone to benefit from.

1) Choosing Your Niche

Choosing your niche should not be a difficult job, you simply have to write about something you love; cover a topic you are passionate about. While knowing what you are passionate about shouldn’t be too difficult, you should also make sure that there is an audience for your content.

2) Publish as frequently as possible

Your post should be published as frequently as possible. The reason is that more frequently you post, the more traffic you will get in return because the search engines are indexing your content more frequently.

3) Pay attention to the headlines (blog post titles)

blog title

Titles/headlines play an important role in attracting more traffic to your blog site. Because the first thing anyone see, is the title rather going through the whole article. If title attracts, then readers move ahead towards the complete reading of the article. Likewise using numbers usually generates good traffic. Titles with “how to” also attract a lot of traffic.

4) Writing Quality Content

Content is the main factor that you need to work on with your blog. Even if you don’t spend time tweaking your site for search benefits and don’t care that much about branding specifically on each social site, excellent content will still give your site a chance to succeed.

5) Add a link in your email signature

If you are using web-based email like Gmail, and want to include links to your blog, add WiseStamp to your email signature. Your recent posts can always be featured in your emails, if u add your blog’s RSS feed. WiseStamp works with web-based email services including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail and AOL.

6) Comment on blogs in your industry

Commenting on blogs in your industry will not only leave a link back to your site, but also gives you the opportunity to shed some insight on other posts, thus making you more valuable and informative.

7) Conduct surveys and polls

Polls and surveys are important ways to judge something as people love to give their opinions. If done correctly, polls provide an accurate representation of the way people are commenting about your blog site.

8 ) Submit your blog to directories

Submitting your blog to directories is a cost-effective way to increase your traffic to your blog site. Submit your blog to traditional directories such as DMOZ as it increases relevance with Google. DMOZ is very picky. Or you can add your blog to Technorati, the largest blog directory on the web, and Alltop.com, a popular directory with the best of the best organized by topic.

9) Make a Google profile

Google can’t be ignored in attracting traffic to your blog site. What you need to do is to just set up your profile on Google and include links to your blogs and websites. Whenever someone does a search on your name, a link to your profile will be featured at the bottom of the first page of search results. You can include pictures, links to your blog(s), products, website, and social networks.

10) Syndicate to Twitter

You should use Twitter to promote your blog posts, and it’s not a surprise that traffic to your blog will start increasing. When you write a new blog post you sould tweet about it and include a link. When people will follow you, then you should introduce yourself, and include a link to your blog.

11) Syndicate to Facebook

Facebook is a very interesting beast of a social network. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website.Promotions take the form of content that is picked up by an individuals news feed. When you are already connected to others on Facebook, you have the opportunity to automatically share your blog content with them.

12) Syndicate to LinkedIn

A lot of people don’t leverage LinkedIn properly and as a result, they barely use it’s true power. The value of linkedIn stems from your ability to ask and answer questions to your network, export contacts, develop a virtual resume and finally, by using a unique link to your profile, you can have that on your blog or website.

13) Use Hootsuite

Like other social media hubs, Hootsuite’s hub can be modified to suit your needs. Whether you’re tracking one or multiple blogs across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, Hootsuite might be an efficient, secure way to stay on top of all of them.

14) Include multiple subscription options on your blog

Nowadays alongwith RSS feeds, email subscription is also becoming vital for any blog site to be successful. Most blog platforms have RSS feeds built in, but don’t forget to add an email subscription option as well. Email is omnipresent and if you only offer RSS, you will lose a huge opportunity for people to get your content and become regular readers. Some email subscription services are Feedburner, Feedblitz and AWeber.

15) Use social bookmarking

It is important that you use social bookmarking responsibly rather than spamming these websites. Simply write a short post that explains in a little bit of detail why your site or product will interest the people that you want to visit it. Some social bookmarking websites are Digg.com, YahooBuzz and StumbleUpon etc.

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