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Like any other social network “Zurker” is different. All tech concerned websites, forums and blogs seem to have something to say about this newcomer Zurker. It is fun places to hang out which has made its members to become vocal as well as the members are the part owners of the network too.

Here is the invitation for you to join this new social platform where co-owners are the members. So, join Zurker http://www.zurker.net/i-15639-cmmzenwrvz


Membership is by invitation till April 2012. While being a member you can recruit other members and this way you can earn Zurker Virtual Shares (or vShares). For every recruited member, one share is awarded. Members can also buy Zurker vShares for $1 each if they live in US or for the same amount in the local currency if they live outside US.

If you invest in vShares or purchase it, you actually buy equity in Zurker. Although vShares are a form of ownership, but as Zurker isn’t a public company so vShares do not represent stocks or shares. These shares are the representation of the agreement between Zurker and its equity owners which designates the stakes that the investors own in the company.

Zurker is offering the sale of 1,000,000 vShares means that ownership of 1 vShare is equivalent of having a one millionth part of Zurker.  After allocation of 1,000,000 vShares, Zurker will be incorporated as a public company and these vShares will be upgraded to real shares.

What makes Zurker different in my humble opinion is:

  • invitation only until April 2012 – Here is your invitation to get in now
  • you’ll get 2 vshare per user if you refer somebody with 24hrs of your signup
  • open accounting books – members can see where, when and how the moolah is earned
  • member owner – you can earn v-shares or buy them for about $1/each
  • simple design – I call it a cross between Craigslist and vBulletin with more color

Investment Is A Risky Step

Expecting equity to grow over time in value, you invest in by buying equity or shares. By such investment in a commercial organization you provide them with the working capital which helps them in expanding and developing their business. Your return is the payment as a regular dividend which is made on the basis of the amount of shares you own and the profitability of the business. Whereas if the business fails to follow up your expectations, share values and dividend prices drop in the value. If the business completely fails, the whole investment of yours is lost.

Investment in Zurker vShares is a bit different from the above outlined traditional approach, but it’s also not without risk. If you are interested in joining Zurker having the intention of investment then please invest sensibly and only upto the level you could easily and comfortably afford to lose if things go wrong.

Open Accounting Books

open books

Zurker operates on an open accounting book philosophy and it openly publishes all generated incomes and made expenditures on the site. You can have a look on the amount of the raised funding by members and the stuff on which it is spent. In my knowledge such kind of transparency in business is rarely found online. If you want to make some investment, I want you to have a look at this information first.

Many of us don’t get the opportunity to make some investment in start-ups, especially the one having such visible potential. Zurker’s funding is geared for raising small investments from various users rather than having large sums from Venture Capital investors. The process is simple and you can do invest any amount even if it’s only $1. Investment in Zurker may be one of the shrewdest and the smartest choices you have ever made, so go ahead and become an investor, even if it’s just a few bucks and a bit of fun.

Want to try Zurker.com? It’s by invitation only, and we’ve got the link for you.  Join Zurker today. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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    This is definitely a good social network site. A new approach to the hanging out.