8 Mobile App Trends with Examples

If I say that smartphones and smart devices are now considered to be a standard for technology in both personal and official perspectives, it would be an understatement. No one can deny the fact that smart technology is now a must have for everyone. Of course, the reasons behind having a smartphone or any other device will be different for every individual but having it is a must. Be it business or personal comfort, smart technology has become an integral part of our lives. Now, that smart technology is everywhere, it is essential for developers to come up with such mobile apps that can make things more convenient for mobile app users.

I can say this with full confidence that 2013 is setting itself up for the latest and unique mobile app trends. Honestly, there is actually an app for everything and everyone. You will find some exciting games for kids who are toting iPads and you will find apps for corporate people as well. Mobile apps are no longer for a good time pas now as they can prove to be beneficial for all mobile users in one way or the other. Thanks to the increasing demand of mobile apps, apps are much good-looking, versatile and are helping people in connecting with each other. 2013 has still a long way to go and I can say this that a few mobile trends are actually becoming very visible and a few trends are following them. Let us take a look at the latest and upcoming trends in mobile apps.


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1. Being Available Everywhere with HTML5:

Traditional desktop has taken a back seat thanks to the rise in mobile technology. Now that everyone is browsing over smartphones, it is very important for your app to be available to your consumers. Since, there is a wide range of devices available, developers make sure that that app is accessible via all devices. Obviously, who would want to create an app for every mobile device? That is just impossible. Thanks to the progressive enhancements like HTML5, you no longer need to developer a separate app for every phone. HTML5 will remain in the trend because it allows developers to use the same code base for all devices. Below we have mentioned JO simple framework for html5 app.



Jo HTML5 framework

Your HTML5 app lives in a single page and Jo helps you create a native-like app experience. Sure, there’s some DOM manipulation going on in there, but you don’t have to worry about it unless you want to. Build your app with JavaScript, tweak some CSS and call it a day.

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2. E-commerce is going to be among the trends:

Mobile commerce is definitely an extension of e-commerce. I believe that in 2013, a lot of e-commerce related mobile apps will remain trendy. The reason is that a lot of people are now comfortable with online buying procedure and since most of the people are browsing internet via mobiles, such mobile apps are a big hit among consumers.

Examples of E-Commerce app Trends Design

iPad eCommerce App

ipad commerce app

ELECTRON—eCommerce Android Mob App

eCommerce Android Mob App

Mobile Invoice Application



3. Linking your app with Social Networking websites:

This trend is already a hit and every other app that you see will allow you to link with the famous social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. This linking functionality can be considered as a great marketing tool because if one shares that he has shopped from your shop, he is making way for potential customers. Check-in functionality is helping a lot in doing this.

close side menu

close side menu

4. To the cloud:

Remember those days when we had to carry floppy disks and USB drives with us if we had to carry important data along? Then came a point where we could simply email the important stuff to ourselves. However, thanks to the applications like DropBox and Google drive, we can share our stuff with the utmost ease. This is exactly the latest trend in every mobile app where everything is moving from content streaming apps towards niche utility apps. It is actually very convenient to be able to save your data somewhere else other than your own device and access it easily as well.

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5. Sharing via Mobile:

Again, sharing stuff via mobile is becoming the standard these days. I personally find it really strange if a website does not have a link to share. The best thing about mobile sharing is that it has led us to really useful stuff. In the health care industry, such apps help doctors and patients in communicating with each other. One of the good examples of such apps is ‘My Healthy Habits’. This app is very interesting because it keeps patients and their loved ones accountable for patient’s eating habits.

My Healthy Habits app for IOS 

My Healthy Habits

6. Fitness apps:

Health care is no longer limited to New Year’s resolution. Since fitness is always under discussion, we have seen health care related apps grown over the past few years. Thanks to these fitness apps, you can now keep a track of your eating habits and fitness regime. You can even check your heart rate or blood pressure via health care applications. I believe in 2013, we will see a lot of innovative and effective applications related to fitness.

7. Flat designing:

Application’s outlook is very important because for a person like me who appreciates beauty in everything will download good-looking apps only. Keeping this in mind, the latest trend in mobile apps is flat designing. Developers are keeping the strategy of ‘less is more’ in mind. Also, mobile screens are too small to bear a lot of clutter, which is why flat designing is the latest trend in mobile applications.

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Examples of Flat Mobile Design app Trends Concept

IOS Flat app design

IOS Flat app design

Screen – Concept App Design

Screen - Concept App Design

Creative Status

Creative Status

New Flat IOS iPhone app design

New Flat IOS iPhone app design

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8. Gaming Zone:

Everybody wants to download interesting games from App store OR Play store so gaming applications will always stay in trend. Also, games like ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘MythBusters’ have raised the expectations of people so developers have to work really hard to come out with interesting games. After angry birds, my recent favorite would be temple run. Keeping in mind the popularity of games, gaming apps are here to stay.


There are no surprises in the fact that there a lot of other trends in mobile apps, thanks to the rapid growth. With mobile apps, you can not only play games, you can shop, stay fit and what not. According to a recent estimate, in 2013, more than one billion Android and iOS devices will be sold which means, the user base of apps will increase as well. We should expect a lot of interesting trends in mobile apps in near future.

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  1. Cady Haren says:

    Great post Humaira. If you looking at TV ads today, many of them have now started promoting their apps rather than their websites.

    The other day I was doing a transaction at an ATM and was surprised to find that the bank was promoting their Android and iOS apps.

    Apps are definitely here to stay in the long run 🙂