23 Tools and Tips For Creating a WordPress Mobile Version

As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to be on the lookout for any sort of new developments in the technology world. Your obligation does not come to an end by just creating a website and endowing money to support it. As far as I can think of, a recent and a massive development in technology world is prologue of mobile version websites. Every other entrepreneur is coming up with their own version of mobile website so that they don’t feel outclassed. If your competitors are going for mobile versions, you should definitely think of having a mobile website as well. Apart from giving a tough competition to the competitor, the major reason behind creating a mobile version of your website should be to stay connected with your users.

We all know that these days’ websites are being accessed more via mobiles and less via computers. To accommodate this mobile population, a mobile website is a must nowadays. In this article we will be discussing some really useful tools and tips for easily creating a mobile version of your WordPress website.

Tools for building a Mobile version

In order to reach out to today’s generation; you need to make sure that your website is conveniently accessible via various popular browsers and mobile devices. If you plan to create a mobile version but you cannot afford the fancy ways, you can simply create a website on WordPress. The best thing about creating a website on WordPress is that it won’t cost you anything. Also, a site created on WordPress is compatible with almost all famous browsers. You can create a WordPress site on your own hosting as well, which is not recommended at all. The design of your website remains of the desktop version which creates a lot of difficulties for mobile users’.

Tools for Mobile Website’s Creation

Following are some great plugins and software for making a mobile website convenient for you.

1. GinWiz 

GinWiz by InfoGin offers a complete suite of tools for building an optimized mobile site for small to large businesses, agencies and publishers.


2. Mippin

If you want to have an app for your website, Mippin is perfect for you. Without wasting any time of yours, mippin can transform your desktop website into a mobile app.


3. mobiSiteGalore

You will be amazed to know that with mobiSiteGalore, you can create a website in no more than 15 minutes. It’s simple, convenient and quick.


4. MoFuse

MoFuse is great software for developing your website’s mobile version. Apart from mobile websites, you can also create landing pages and various forms for your website easily.


5. Mobstac

With Mobstac you can not only create a mobile version of your website but you can easily make it accessible on almost all mobile devices.


6. Mobify

Mobify has an amazing capacity for adaptation of websites. With mobify, you can design your website for mobiles, tablets and phablets.


7. Winksite

Winksite is yet again an easy way to build a mobile website. Winksite is a popular and well-known mobile content management and social networking software company. Through this website, you can easily connect with people belonging to different regions.


8. Wirenod

Wirenod offers you a simple editor through which you can make changes into your website and redesign it. Wirenod is free for personal use and is also easy to use.


9. WPtouch Pro

I personally love this plugin because it allows me to add various and interesting themes for mobile and tablet users. It also allows me to create my own themes in a few simple steps. Also, you can use it on trial basis and if you like it, only then you should upgrade it. WPtouch pro does not force you for upgradation.

WPtouch Pro

10. mobiReady

mobiReady is a great testing tool that will help you in evaluating your website. It evaluates your mobile-readiness and then issues a report related to it. The report is basically a comprehensive analysis of your website and how good it works on a mobile device.


11. GoMo

GoMo has already gained a lot of popularity because it is a Google’s product. GoMo helps you with your website’s analysis and it allows you to see how your current site looks like in a mobile device. You can either create your own website OR you can find resources via GoMo that can help you in building your website.


12. Wapple Architect Mobile

Wapple Architect Mobile is basically a plugin which will help you in mobilizing your blog in no more than 10 minutes. Yes, you read it right; you will be able to mobilize your blog within few minutes.

Wapple Architect Mobile

13. smartApp

With this app, you can update your blog with the content related to some of the best mobile apps. This will increase the traffic on your website.


14. WP Mobile Redirect/Direct plugin

This plugin supports almost 25 platforms and redirects the users from desktop websites to mobile websites, based on devices off course. You can also customize the redirect URL or device with this plugin. The counter available with this plugin will help you in calculating the correct number redirected users’. If you want, redirecting can be disabled and users can view the desktop version of your website from mobile.

WP Mobile Redirect

15. WP Mobile Detector

This is one of the most convenient options as WP Mobile detector will automatically detect WordPress themes compatible with well-known mobile devices. Once detected, the themes will be displayed to you to select from.

WP Mobile Detector

16. WordPress Mobile Pack

If you want to mobilize your website, you have come to a right place. It is a complete toolkit offering you a wide range of themes, widgets, switchers and a lot more.

WordPress Mobile Pack

17. Responsive Flip book WP Plugin

No flash player required for this plugin since it is totally supported by HTML and jQuery. This will help you in creating a responsive website which will look good on all devices and resolutions.

Responsive Flipbook WP Plugin

Tips for Setting up a mobile device via WordPress

As mentioned above, with WPtouch plug-in, you can easily attain the same layout for your mobile website as it is for your desktop website. You also have an option to customize mobile themes. Following are a few more plug-ins for you to benefit form for finding various themes.

18. WOW! mySite

This plugin is normally used by experts to make changes into mobile websites. It has nine different color plans, strong thematic configuration capabilities and numerous choices of templates. This is a great tool for developing a mobile website and also for editing one.

WOW mySite

19. WpMobb WordPress Mobile Template

This plugin offers templates categorically hence, making web designing a lot easier. With this plugin you can design any sort of mobile website.

WpMobb WordPress Mobile Template

20. iKon WP Mobile Theme

This plug-in is designed especially for Android and iPhone users. It also supports landscape and portrait views.

iKon WP Mobile Theme

21. Touch Mobile & Tablet WP Theme

This WordPress theme is for all sort of mobile devices and tablets. Touch Mobile & Tablet WP Theme is designed with HTML5 and CSS3.

Touch Mobile & Tablet WP Theme

22. Breathe

Breathe has a wide variety available for you if you plan to design, redesign your blog. It has more than 15 short codes and more than 10 social icons for you to select from. Apart from having six transition animations, it is compatible with almost all browsers.


23. Stacker Responsive WP Theme

This theme is for sure to attract you with its great features. The features include working Ajax contact form with inline validation, Photoswipe and flexslider, 5 Page templates, Footer widget area, Footer widget area, various Theme Options, CSS3 buttons and many other features, Post formats for blog and portfolio, Optional plugin to control theme options, while your desktop theme is active, Retina display ready, Support for every mobile resolution/platform, Fully Responsive – just resize it, Liquid Design, Valid Code, Over 11 short codes and many icons to choose from.

Stacker Responsive WP Theme


Since this is an era of mobiles, it’s high time you should get a mobile version of your website, if you don’t have it yet. With so many tools and plugins mentioned above, you should not have a problem in creating a mobile version of your website.

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