10 Ways Freelancer Can’t Miss To Kick Start The Writing Habit

The urge to write as a writer is mostly God given for some people, and for others it is a learning skill. But one thing that is for sure is it demands practice and a particular mindset. Nowadays blogging is such a platform that is providing a wonderful opportunity to these writers who want to write, express their skills and want to be known for their great talent. But sometimes if some writers get a feel that their writing powers are running a little dry, and their creativity is decreasing, then the following 10 tips will definitely help them out in flowing their writing powers again.

10 Ways Freelancer Can’t Miss To Kick Start The Writing Habit

Set some Goals!

In order to start writing on regular basis, set yourself small goals. It can be anything like from writing 200 words a day, or just a promise to writing in your diary. Then afterwards extend your goals to finish a short story, a poem or an article in a week time. The purpose behind all this is to just set goals which can be achieved easily so that you may get the writing habit.

Write nothing but headlines

When you got to write after a long time or for the very first time, sometimes u don’t get to know what to write. Even when you don’t feel like writing in depth anything, what you need to do is to just start writing headlines of whatever is coming into your mind. Because building a collection of headlines may give you a lot of options to work on. So the more headlines you keep on adding, you’ll more likely find something of your choice to write on.

What without thinking Main idea or Gearing up the skills

One of the tips is that you should write something at every cost without waiting for the right idea or any inspiration. So you should force yourself to write anything like your shopping list, or an overhead conversation. You can even describe your bedroom without thinking that how much it is personal to write on. This will definitely help you out in building your creating habit.

Write without Feeling Guilty

It’s an assumption that professional writers can only write great stuff all the time. But it’s a wrong assumption as professional writers sometimes also write something which doesn’t have any purposeful meaning. Because they do that just to keep their writing skills in shape without thinking what people might think about them. So this tip is a wonderful tip to adapt because you can write anything what you want to.

Keep a Notebook with You

One of the ways to help you out in bringing your writing powers again is to keep a notebook with you all the time. Because in our busy routines, we hardly get any time to write. So to solve this issue, if you’ll keep your notebook with you, you can get a chance to write during your break in office, waiting for the bus on bus stand etc. But such little scraps of time can be used to brainstorm and will make you write.

Guiding readers through your writing that how you solved a problem

It is a fact that People like to listen and read stories, so it’s just that how we tell and write them so that people can be attracted towards reading them. As a writer, it’s a plus point to you that you know very well how to present a story. So to regain the writing power, one of the ways is to start writing stories about the issues and problems you solved of yourself or somebody else. In this way you can write without having any creative pressure, and you can also guide the readers how to overcome such problems about which you are writing.

Typing other people’s articles (Guest Writing)>

You must be surprised to read this as a creator why should you write other people’s articles. But the main idea behind this tip is if you not feel like writing on your own, then you can write other people’s articles of your choice just to warm you up for writing something on your own. Another benefit of this tip is that you can get different ideas and styles of writing from other people’s articles.There are free article writing services that you can use to get some articles you can use for inspiration.

Make a Routine

One of the useful tips for bringing your writing skills back on track is to make a routine of writing. Because what happens is mostly you don’t get time out of your busy day for such things. So by setting a routine you’ll be able to define sometime for your writing. Whether you’ll be in a mood to write or not, if you’ll sit forcefully in that specific time, it means that subconsciously you are telling yourself that you’re serious about writing and that basically sets you up for a success.

A set place

Setting or deciding a place for writing is also one of the great ideas that will help you people out. As most of you might be used to write while sitting alone in your room at your writing desk on your laptop. As such peaceful environment can help you out in continually trigger your mind into a creative flow. So you should try this tip.

Edit older articles

Another idea for refreshing your writing skills is to edit your older articles. In this way you can warm up yourself for writing the new ideas. It might be possible that you forgot your older articles that what you wrote in them. So in this way you can make them better too and will be able to make yourself prepared to write a new one.


Creativity is such an art that never ends unless or until you leave it in darkness. So the writers who stopped writing for sometime because of any reason, should not get dipressed about their writing skills and power that it is over after some gap. Because i am sure that after reading all the above mentioned tips, such writers will get a bright hope for bringing their writing skills and habit back on track!

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