10 Really Geek Humor Cartoons

Didn’t get it? That’s geek humor. Just so that you know, it’s a play on the familiar “““There’s no place like home.”
Randy Glasbergen is a illustrator very well-known because of his funny comics, full of geek humor. Randy lives in a small town in rural New York State. His funny illustrations are visible everywhere, especially in the internet! “Raspberries are sweet, Blueberries are filling, but Blackberries are addictive“.
This is just one of his funny comic jokes. Enjoy this post and these hilarious illustrations, the week is almost over.

Working at Home

working at home



Digital LifeStyle

Digital Lifestyle Digital Lifestyle 1 Digital Lifestyle 2 Digital Lifestyle 3 Digital Lifestyle 4

Business Computers

Business Computers Business Computers 1

Teamwork / Coworkers

Teamwork  Coworkers 2 Teamwork  Coworkers 3

Information Security

Information Security 1 Information Security 2 Information Security 3

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