Beautiful Glass Photos That Really Amaze You

Photography is an Art. It need a lot of professionalism and skills to manipulate your idea into realistic. Vibrant colors, limitless shapes, and a silky smooth surface are some of the reasons glass surface is one of best materials for Leszek Kobusinski Photographer. He used the Glasses and done an inspirational manipulation. This Collection is not big in numbers but I promised you if explore the Artist each Photos that really amaze you.

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glass-photography-1 glass-photography-19 glass-photography-6glass-photography-2glass-photography-3 glass-photography-14glass-photography-4glass-photography-5glass-photography-7glass-photography-8glass-photography-9glass-photography-10glass-photography-11glass-photography-12glass-photography-13glass-photography-15glass-photography-16glass-photography-17glass-photography-18glass-photography-20glass-photography-21

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  1. Hermitbiker says:

    ….. wow…. sensational !!

  2. web3mantra says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.I like this post.It contains good examples of beautiful glass photos that really amaze you.

  3. vihor72 says:

    beautiful – hello from me


    ………… 🙂

  4. Perry Clease says:

    Very well done!

    “My eyes are up here!” (photo #12)

  5. Graphiics says:

    nice stuff tooo
    i like very much this type of posts……..