Top 10 Paid and Free Website Monitoring Services

Every blog or website owner knows the importance of uptime. Downtimes can prove to be totally disastrous for your website’s success. Downtimes occur due to many different reasons such as server problems or high load on server causing high CPU etc. So as a webmaster it is your duty to ensure that the website is up most of the time. Doing this manually is close to impossible, so the wise thing to do would be to use any website monitoring service. A lot of website monitoring services are available out there, but finding the good ones for free is not an easy task. We have a list of Top 10 Awesome Paid and Free Website Monitoring Services. They boast all the usual features such as multiple monitoring locations, monitor interval and alert types etc. So check them out and pick the ones that suit your needs the best!




AlertBot is a great platform for monitoring your web pages, login areas, forms, etc. They provide alerts when your site is down or experiencing problems. AlertBot is the real deal, using real web browsers to monitor your web pages. They also offer automated emailed reports that really stand out. Overall, they have a lot of great features and setup was really quick and easy.




Pingdom is a really nice tool that makes monitoring your website extremely easy. It checks your websites and other infrastructure components every minute to ensure that everything is running smoothly.  Whenever some your website encounters any problem, this tool notifies you via text or email.  It offers downtime alerts, uptime and performance alerts and detailed response time reports. It also has cool apps for Android and iOS. Paid accounts are available for 5 & 30 websites.

Site 24X7

Site 24X7

The name says it all. This service monitors your website 24 hours a day and 7 days week! It offers website performance, uptime and web applications monitoring. It has more than 35 servers in different geographical locations across the world. It provides you useful insight into your website and server performance, thus allowing you to improve it.

Service Uptime


Service Uptime is a free monitoring service checks your website every 30 minutes. It tracks your website uptime and has no limitations on worldwide locations, thus allowing your service to be monitored from all around the world. It notifies you of issues via email or text.  It provides comprehensive reports. Paid accounts come with 1,3 minute checks.



Tagbeep is a really cool and efficient tool that checks your website at a scanning interval of your choice. It normally checks the website status every 1 Minute. Whenever some problem occurs it notifies you via email, sms or twitter.

Host Tracker


Host Tracker is a great monitoring tool that has the ability of checking the website every 30 minutes. It offers instant site check. You are notified of errors through Email, ICQ, GTalk or cell-phone via text messages. You can also get reports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, as you wish. Multiple paid accounts are available.



Montastic’s official website claims this service to be “The free website monitoring service that doesn’t suck”.  It monitoring frequency is about every 5 minutes. Get an email when your site goes down and when it goes back up! Definitely a great tool to use!

Site Uptime


This service checks your website at regular intervals to ensure that your customers and users are able to reach your website. If the service becomes unavailable, then it notifies you through email or SMS. Both, free and paid plans are available. It provides a detailed report of the uptime/downtime of your website each month.

monitor - us

This awesome all-in-one, Web and Cloud systems monitoring service allows monitoring the avilability and resposnse time of your website. It also helps you check the server and network health. It boasts more than 77 great tools and provides you with a complete insight of your website’s performance and working.

Free Site Status


As the name suggests, this service offers free all year around monitoring of your website or server from their vast monitoring network across the globe. Whenever some error or downtime is encountered, a notification is sent to you via email or text messages! It also provides live performance reports and maintenance scheduling.

Internet Seer


This service is monitoring more than 2,399,000 websites. It checks your website for errors from their various geographic monitoring stations at the desired intervals. If it cannot reach the website, it sends an email, cell phone or pager alert to you. It allows monitoring availability, performance, transaction and link and image checking.

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