Bitrix 24 giveaway – Free web based project management software

Need a solid web based project management software to help coordinate your web design projects among team members? You are in luck as we are giving away 3 free accounts to, a powerful online project management software.  Using Bitrix24, you can now better communicate, track and coordinate your work across different locations. With development work getting more  scattered across the globe, this software will help you to reduce your management efforts while ensuring you can deliver your work on time and at an expected quality level.



Bitrix24 has been providing its social intranet product since 2010 and has enjoyed a great success. I first came across it when I was coordinating my work with a friend of mine and he invited me to use Bitrix24. The experience has been great and I am glad that I managed to get Bitrix24 to sponsor this giveaway so that you guys can try this out for yourself.

Here are some of the benefits that I found to be really useful:

Powerful communication capabilities

One of the most important thing in any project management software is the ability to communicate. In the past, this is done purely though email alerts. Bitrix24, on the other hand, offers a diverse mix of communication channels including messaging, voice calls and my personal favorite, the desktop activity stream. That is right. With this capability, you can now view the activities of your team in a Facebook like activity stream right at your desktop. I find this feature to be extremely time consuming and useful.

bitrix web based project management software

Some might prefer talking face to face, rather than consuming information passively. That is all catered for due to Bitrix24’s video call functions that are built into the dashboard itself. Calling is as easy as clicking a button.

bitrix web based project management software with video calls


Private dropbox for your own project

Another big headache with managing projects is file versions. This is especially acute in web design work where there will be many versions floating around and we need to know the right one to work on. This problem is taken care of by Bitrix24 with their own file sharing features. It works as easily as Dropbox. In fact, you can think of it as having your own private Dropbox!

bitrix private dropbox


Best of all, the Bitrix24 Drive comes with its own version controls and privacy settings. These set of features make managing the different file versions a breeze. Trust me. Once you used this, you will find file version control a much similar task.

bitrix file controls


Get money with invoicing functions

Bitrix24 has a powerful CRM that lets you manage your sales flow. They always have this and it works wonderfully. Now, they have added a new feature which I am excited about and that is the ability to issue personalized invoices. In the past, you probably need to get the sales data out from the CRM and re input them into another third party invoicing system. Now, the integration is done via Bitrix24 CRM itself so it saves you yet another step in your workflow.

bitrix invoices


Working on the Go

Being able to take your work anywhere is becoming an important part of our workflow. Bitrix24 does not skim on this feature either. They have full fledged mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. With these mobile apps, you are no longer confined to managing your project at a desktop. Any changes can be immediately entered and shared via the apps so that your team can get the latest update, especially after or during a client’s meeting.

bitrix mobile apps


There are actually a lot of things you can do via Bitrix24. If you are interested to find out more, check out  their online project management software features here.


Prize Details

3 lucky winners get “Startup Licenses” worth $1200 each. It similar to professional license in Bitrix24’s pricing page, but they have a 5GB space and 12 users limit


How to join the giveaway


Just leave a comment saying “How Do You Want To Make Use of This Free Bitrix24 Account?”

Hope you guys enjoy this giveaway!

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  1. SAJID says:

    OMG….this looks promising. I wish to be one of the lucky winner please

  2. Vincy says:

    All blogs that wrote about project management software tools, ranked Basecamp number 1 and their subsidiary number 2. But you have given the best here, listing a review website is a great deal of expertise. Obviously, there are several other good project management tools too, but as we know everyone has their own unique requirement and not every tool fits everyone’s needs.

    We were doing fine earlier with Basecamp, but then our needs changed and now we are doing fine with Replicon( Who know’s, we might change in the near future too, but we are doing better now with Replicon, another tool that we got from TopTenReviews.

  3. Sunil Shah says:

    Project management tool I am seeking right now. This will be best i think.

  4. Virtual Workstaff says:

    This would be great for collaborating with our staff. We are located all over the country but have been getting by with very little communication or proper project management. We actually lost a client due to lack of communication with team members. This would greatly approve our efficiency, work flow, and best of all deliverables (is that a word, sorry been up for hours, lol) for clients.

    Hope honesty helps.

  5. Amy says:

    To help me in my growing design business! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Anish Shah says:

    I want to manage my projects over there. to communicate with clients and showcase them work.

  7. Cool says:

    I would like to use Bitrix to communicate with my colleague and also maybe friends who working on our project.

    Thank for the giveaway.

  8. vhick says:

    I manage one team and it is a great tool to deploy all the task to may team even if I arrange it to my home.

  9. Jessica Kirsh says:

    I would use the software to keep track of all of my freelance clients’ projects. I am a freelance web designer/developer by day and a freelance photographer by lunch hour and night. Having one place to store all of my projects by client would be incredibly beneficial to my daily operations. My efficiency would increase significantly – which would, in turn, increase my effectiveness!

  10. Chaun says:

    I want to make use of the software by making it the tool we use to keep all of our projects organized. Our current system is comprised of a lot of phone calls back and forth, too many “reply all” emails so that everyone is kept in the loop, excel time-sheets so that we know what to invoice. Basically we get by, but we could definitely use Bitrix24’s online project management solution to streamline our process. Having this system would make my employees much much happier, which would make me happy. I think you get the idea 🙂

  11. Genie says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Chris says:

    Good Morning!
    I work in the business of Online Marketing. Finally I want to remove all those notes and all those E-Mail bug tracking the lateste projekct. Now I would be able to communicate with all my fellow colleagues in various destination. Nobody is left out because some forget to enter all people in cc.

    Would be great to kick-off new projects with the help of Bitrix24.

  13. Kunal says:

    Would love to win it…

  14. Prajwal Rao says:

    I’d love to try Bitrix24 as it’s got the one thing that Basecamp doesn’t – Invoicing. It looks very streamlined and neat!

  15. Doug Lueck says:

    I’d like to use the software to deliver more efficient results to my clients and work ,ore efficiently with current and future employees.

  16. Georgij says:

    I’ll use it to finally start working as a web-designer.