8 online project roadmap tool to get your projecting going

Project roadmaps are important planning tools to help the team stay focus and on schedule. Most of the time, a simple Google Doc + a white board is all that is needed for a small team. However, there might be times where you need a more detailed project roadmap that can be trackable by all the team members. This is where online project roadmap tools become important. They help you to detail down the specific milestones and steps needed to complete the project and lets you track your schedule. Below are some of the commonly used project roadmap tools that you might want to take a look.


#1: Trello

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I am sure many of you have heard of Trello. It can also be used as a great project roadmap tool. This is one example of how it can be used to develop the specific roadmap milestones for a product.


#2: Interstate

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Interstate is an open project management software that you can used to plan out your project roadmap. It is designed to support online collaboration so it is useful for teams who are trying to plan together. There is a 30 day free trial option available for you to test drive the software before committing anything.


#3: Pivotaltracker

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Pivotaltracker is specifically design for software projects, especially those using agile development. It not only lets you develop a project timeline and milestones but allows all the collaborative functions to let you work better with your team mates to accomplish the project targets.


#4: Thoughtbox

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Thoughtbox is a collaborative to do list that can be used as a product roadmap tool. You can use its listing features to create important milestones that the product should meet within a specific timeline. The great thing about this software is that is its simplicity since it is not a full blown project management tool.


#5: Updatey

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Updatey has one of the most beautiful interface for project management tool. It  is simple to use and works great when you want to develop a product roadmap on top of it. It works well with high level planning but doesn’t support the detailed implementation like what Trello can do.


#6: Asana

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Asana is another well known tool that is most meant for online team collaboration. However, you can still use it as a planning tool for developing a project roadmap.  The good thing about asana is its ability to assign different sections of a project to different members which is especially useful for a big development team.


 #7: Prodpad

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Prodpad is another new comer to the project management tool industry. It has an idea capturing feature that seems to be really relevant for developing a product roadmap.


#8: Teamgantt

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For large teams who need a more comprehensive project scheduling tool, teamgantt is probably the one that you need. It is packed with features that makes it easy for member to track and collaborate online.

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  1. Lilly Brown says:

    Awesome work. But this list is missing some important tools like basecamp, proofhub and wrike. I’d suggest you to add these tools in this list as well.

  2. Eva says:

    Another great app is Kanban Tool with time tracking and time reports – perfect for any freelancer.