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There was a time when only the very rich could afford a computer. Then there was a time when only the very rich could afford a website. People who had one were considered to belong to a little higher and a little better class of society. Why? Because getting a website up and running was very costly and very technical.

But now such times are gone. The advancement of technology has made website creation a breeze. No need to pay hefty sums that create a hole in your wallet and no need to attend HTML and CSS training classes for months. Many website builder tools allow you to create and run a website with just a click of a few buttons and that too free of cost. These days you will find a great selection of website builders on the web. However, not all platforms are alike: they differ in their functionality, usability, pricing and other aspects. Our recommendation is you go for uCoz to create a website.


The company uCoz is owned and run by a group of young and enthusiastic people who ensure it remains up-to-date with the current trends of the Internet. They have seven years of experience in the industry and currently have 2 million websites running on their platform which, amongst themselves, manage to get 150 million visits per day!

They have many types of different plans available – including the free version – so that you can always find the one which best suits your needs and requirements.

Creating and managing a website with uCoz is easy. First of all you will have to sign up by filling in a small form, which takes only a few minutes.

Then you will be asked to choose a domain name. For the free version you will get a domain name which will read something like


You can choose how to end your domain name in many different ways as shown in the screenshot above. See which one suits you the best and select it.

And that’s it. Congratulations you have made yourself a website with uCoz’s website builder.


Control Panel

But not so soon. I mean technically speaking you have made a website but in order to attract visitors you need to have some content on it. Allow uCoz to help.

You should begin with a template: you may either opt for a free default design or select one of the paid templates offered on their official store.  If you are a designer and don’t want to use a custom design to maintain originality you can design your own template from scratch. If you are not well versed with coding skills choose a template out of the hundreds of pre-made templates (these are good enough for the start-up, and you’ll be able to change them anytime). The cute little picture below conveys my message.


Once you have finalized a template you can begin posting content. With uCoz you can format your text as and how you like. Making the text bold, increasing the font size, decreasing the font size, using anchor text – they all can be done with a few clicks.

Also, you can add all sorts of widgets and gadgets to your posts. I mean social bookmarking buttons, YouTube videos, your live Twitter feed, etc. can all be added within your site.

Yet the most remarkable aspect about uCoz is the modularity of their system. To put it simply, on this platform you can modify and expand your website via attaching different modules (such as Mini Chat, Blog, Polls, Site News, Forum, Statistics, Online Games, Tests, etc.). This means you are able to improve the functionality of your website as your business grows.


So go and take a look at uCoz and let me know what you think in the comments below. Simply go their registration page and start bringing your concepts online. In case you face any problems you can either go to their Community forum, or watch a video lesson. uCoz was founded more than 7 years ago, and since then there have been produced numerous manuals, Step-by-step and How to tutorials. These contain answers to practically any questions related to building websites on uCoz.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hello Ali,

    That is right, these days to have a website is easy and free. Blogs, CMS, DIY platforms like uCoz, they are all made to enrich the web by granting online access to any individual. Also let’s do not ignore that behind all these platforms there is a lot of hard work.

  2. Victor Moore says:

    I’ve come across this website builder before, and I must admit that it is worth your attention. Rather simple and straightforward.