No coding skills required: build professional websites in a few easy steps

If you think it’s time to shake loose of all limitations associated with creating a site for one of your clients, turn to The benefits of taking up a website building service are overwhelming. First and foremost, since coding is out of the question, designers can translate their craft directly into the framework of a website, thereby saving time and by-passing the complication of working with a developer in order to meet a client’s needs. Moreover, building a website is easy, free of charge, and it feels like an engaging adventure through and through.



Allow me to illustrate the simple steps of building a great-looking business website for one of your clients. Seize the chance to register for a free account right from the start. Three options are displayed on Website-Builder’s start page, and I’m going to rule out the one which enables existing users to edit or modify their already-made websites. Thus, new visitors can choose to start putting together a website on an entirely blank canvas, or they can go forward with a template.



On navigating to the templates page, it soon becomes clear that Website-Builder’s reach stretches to encompass all fields of practice, starting with templates for consultants and lawyers, and continuing with themes for Bios/Resumes and all kinds of Artists. What is more, some of the themes enlisted on that page look gorgeous on mobile phones. Take your time to peruse the collection of templates, and when one of them caught your eye, click on the “Edit” button from below its thumbnail.






Presently, you’re faced with the elected template laid out before you in an editing studio. By all means, add, discard, and edit pages, and add any element such as whole new areas, menus, image galleries, videos, and widgets. For any issue that may appear in this process, simply reach out to the “Support” service on left side of your screen, where you’ll find all the help that you could possibly need. Lastly, be sure to cover search engine optimization and website analytics by linking your Google Analytics ID.

Once everything is in its right place, the final step is to click “Publish” and type down the domain name. Well, that is all. You’re now the proud creator of a beautiful website which will be hosted for free by Website-Builder, so you need not fret about looking for a qualified web host.

Here are two cool examples of web designs that you can use.






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  1. Michael Thomas says:

    I hate it that you guys do articles like this.
    Sometimes it’s hard enough for a Web Designer to find good work or good clients. And then websites like those rise… In every country, they have lots of money (where they get it I have no idea) so they make commercials in the newspaper on TV …

    A client doesn’t know what is good web design, custom made for their needs. These things make us as respected web designer LOSE work…

    If you guys also start to review these things, the job of a web designer will die. And people will all use such services.

    The thing of a website like Smashing Hub is to HELP web designer, to SUPPORT them and to TUTOR them. Not by placing articles like this.

    You should better write articles about WHY such websites aren’t good for us web designer and WHY they aren’t good for clients…

    This article actually disappoints me.

    • Ali Qayyum says:

      Sorry to hear that but unfortunately, there is no hiding the truth.

      Web designers that do commodity work will be facing tougher challenges in the future. However, for those that can specialize in things that the generic platforms cannot do will thrive.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Marie O says:

        I am a Creative Director and Graphic Designer by trade. I need to find a new job and the only way to do so is by putting my portfolio online. I didn’t have the time, money or skills to hire a web designer. So I for one am happy when these articles appear.

    • Melanie Reed says:

      Agreed. Frankly, Mr. Quayyum. Building a web site is not easy. Building crap is. These websites are not marketed for beginners. They are marketed as being just as good as what custom designers/developers can do and at a fraction of the cost – so whoever wants to save money and convinces his/her service/product buying crowd its just as “cool” to have one will buy. So here is Smashing Hub whose tagline is: “Free resources for Photographers, Designers and Web developers” helping the other side. It kind of tastes bad in the mouth to know that you didn’t come up with the angle article you just did BEFORE Mr. Thomas’ comment. This isn’t about not accepting the truth. Of course we know what’s going on. Your mission is to acknowledge that and then tell your photographers, designers, and web developers: here’s what you do to hang onto your jobs – because you are worth it. Personally, I would love to see Vaclav Smil proved right about designing everything for the Apple size screen with all the scrolling and modular blocking: That device is going nowhere but a new color. The only reason these commoditized shops seem to be thriving is that web design is now all about marketing on every kind of eye-blinding small device because its the new “in” to squint. And since we can’t sit still for 5 minutes and actually think about things, we’ve got to be on the move: web sites in 5 minutes. Not a cool and interesting work of art on the web or a beautiful architecture of information that gets you what you want to know without breaking every 5 seconds, full of bugs and slowed down by tracking and security code bloat. To commoditize means that everything winds up looking the same because you have to standardize to commoditize. And we do that because its all about getting it up faster than the other guy as if THAT somehow makes what you have to sell BETTER. It doesn’t. And we proved that recently by spending 6 billion tax dollars in this country on a web site that doesn’t work but hit its release date. Zeldman’s Venderbation and commoditized web builders are killing our field with fast crap and what we need is a battle cry to fight back with all that we have and not “go gentle into that dystopia good night” for web developers.