35 Cute Newborn Baby Pictures

If you are into natural photography, you would know that the best pictures of nature are those of babies and especially the newborn babies. Babies do not know what a camera is, they don’t know how to pose, and they do not know how to say ‘cheese’. But somehow they take the most beautiful pictures our eyes will ever witness. Their innocence is captivating. Their grin is eye-catching. Their sleeping positions are adorable. For this reason and many more, there are thousands of pictures of babies all over the internet and we took the liberty to make a list of 35 newborn baby pictures so you don’t have to go through the internet. Enjoy the read.


Newborn Baby Pictures

The baby rests in the hands of the mother with his intelligent gray eyes staring into space. The innocence of the eyes is just breathtaking.


Newborn Baby Pictures

This is one of the more beautiful pictures seen across the internet. The expression probably suggests surprise and if the baby could speak, he would probably ask what the photographer was holding.


Newborn Baby Pictures

Babies do sleep a lot don’t they? This one looks extremely tired but more than that it seems as if he just woke up from a long sleep.


Newborn Baby Pictures

This one is wrapped in a towel and looks more than just happy to have his picture taken don’t he? The toothless grin and the huge eyes; spectacle.


sleeping newborn

Babies are programmed to hold on to something while they sleep and for the times that the parents are not around, a teddy bear is always a good workaround.


Newborn Baby Pictures

If you focus enough, you can see the reflection in those huge eyes of the baby and tell exactly what he’s looking it. We’ll leave that for you to figure out.


Newborn Baby Pictures

No one knows love like a mother does. The unconditional and pure love that she feels towards her babies is something out of this world.


Newborn Baby Pictures

This picture is quite adorable. Firstly, because of the way the baby fits on the arm of his father and secondly because he is just that happy to be on that arm.


Newborn Baby Pictures

The baby sleeps with his mother’s arms as his cradle and her hand as his pillow. He looks calm and comforted, such is the warmth of the mother.


Newborn Baby Pictures

The striking blue eyes look absolutely brilliant on this baby. Even though it is probably edited [the picture], it surely does look absolutely amazing.


Newborn Baby Pictures

This particular baby is wearing a feminine hat and looks confused. Probably wondering what are they doing to me or something along that lines. But the expression on the baby is priceless.


Newborn Baby Pictures

This baby certainly will be mischievous when he grows up. Look at the eyes and you can tell what the grown-up version of this baby will be like; so cute.


Newborn Baby Pictures

I wonder what got the baby’s attention for her to roll over and stare at something this intently. She definitely is not intrigued by the camera, that’s for certain.


Newborn Baby Pictures

This is one fat little baby isn’t it? Look at the placement of the arms and hands. It looks as if this baby will grow into a pretty decent young man.

Newborn Baby Pictures

‘Are you talking to me’? The baby genuinely looks interested in the photographer and the baby himself looks really intelligent. To me he looks like the leader type.


Newborn Baby Pictures

Don’t worry, those are not real tattoos. No one would do that to their babies. It is a pity though that love and hate always go hand-in-hand.


Newborn Baby Pictures

I think the baby is looking at something to eat. On the other hand, this particular baby might grow up to be an architect. It is such a cute picture and a nice click.


Newborn Baby Pictures

One of the more adorable things that babies do is sucking on their little thumbs. What beautiful eyes this baby has been given.


Newborn Baby Pictures

The composition of this picture is absolutely brilliant. I am sure you can guess that the baby is Asian; talk about small eyes. These eyes are gorgeous.


Newborn Baby Pictures

There is nothing more innocent and true than a baby and there is nothing more gentle. Depicted by the wings of an angel is that exact thing .


Mother holding baby

‘I don’t know what you are doing to me but I am starting to like it’. They way the baby is looking at his mother is quite adorable.


Newborn Baby Pictures

This baby is definitely attracted by something and he seems really happy. One of the more brilliant compositions that you would find. The colors on this one are fantastic.


Newborn Baby Pictures

‘I was trying to eat it, but I don’t have teeth and it is too hard’. This is one of the most adorable things that babies do. They bite whatever they can see, reach or touch. At least they try to.


Newborn Baby Pictures

This baby is definitely having a good time all dressed up on a sunny day. She looks happy at something. The colors are amazing and they hair band blends in well.


baby newborn wallpaper desktops infant angel description cute acmcnr

This baby somehow looks as if it is the guardian of all the babies ever born; with the butterfly wings on the back and the expression. The picture is amazing.


Newborn Baby Pictures

Babies clap unconsciously when they are intrigued or excited by something or of course if something makes them happy. This baby definitely looks interested and happy.


Newborn Baby Pictures

The way babies sleep in all those odd positions is really adorable. Of course would sleep like this since they spend a better part of a year in almost the exact same position.


Newborn Baby Pictures

This is one of the more fantastic pictures to be found on the internet. It is adorable how the baby fits in the the basket and is sleeping so comfortably.

 Newborn Baby Pictures

This baby has amazing eyes. From the looks of it, it seems that the baby is looking at the sky. What do you guys think?


Newborn Baby Pictures

Don’t they look cute when they are sleeping? Of course most parents would prefer their babies this way; sleeping.


 Newborn Baby Pictures

This is a brilliant composition and all the more better click. The sepia-ish effect looks pretty amazing and it’s cute the way the tiny baby fits in the palms.


 Newborn Baby Pictures

True enough, the world is dominated by technology and gadgets. Soon, it seems, that babies will keep themselves busy on such gadgets.


 Newborn Baby Pictures

The picture has been taken at the perfect second. ‘I was trying to see how much a weigh, but the balance tilted’. It is a cute picture.


 Newborn Baby Pictures

You look at this picture and you can’t stop grinning and smiling. The baby sleeps peacefully in the palms of a man.


 Newborn Baby Pictures

‘I like to sleep with my mouth open, please just make sure you rest my neck’.

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