Oomph Contest – A lifetime Opportunity

Oomph needs no introduction if you are an app lover. Oomph is a prominent platform for app publishing and is used by more than 1 million users all across the globe. According to iMonitor, it has been rated as the best platform of its own field. So, precisely, Oopmp is one of the best market place for tablet templates. For better understanding, Oomph is just like WordPress templates. I believe Oomph is a great platform for designers’ to flaunt their designs in front of customers, sell them and earn a good income.  Not only this, with designcrowd’s global platform, you will be able to get yourself recognized in the midst of international designers too.

The good news for all designers is that Oomph has recently launched tablet app marketplace and along with that a $10,000 contest on designcrowd. Yes, you read it write, you can win $10,000 by flaunting your creativity. Since the contest is getting popular with every passing day, you will have to gear yourself up for some tough competition as more than 100,00 designers have already started succumbing their creative ideas.


If you are interested in participating,  you must know that this competition is divided into four mini contest and every contest is worth $2,5000 prize. The competition will revolve around four of the most popular genres of tablet apps. These genres will obviously target the most popular markets such as  planners of arts/music festivals and industry conferences. Apart from this, the target audience includes travel agencies; branded magazine creators; and retailers who are looking to develop a collaborative media content experience for  consumers.


Now, that you are aware of the basics of the competition, it is entirely up to you to select your favorite genre and work on it. I can assure that by participating in this competition, you will not only learn a lot but you will get the best reward for your creativity. Just make sure to create something that is vivacious, appealing and modern at the same time. I would recommend you to download Oomph viewer before you start creating something. Once Oomph is downloaded, you should download certain templates for your reference and better understanding.

You must hurry up in order to participate in this content as it will be closed in the end of January. The winners for each category will be declared in the month of February. The best part is that winning designs will be open or sale at Oomph marketplace.

Following I the link for you to view he $10,000 app design content click here.


If you are passionate about designing and creativity, you must participate in this contest. Oomph has provided designers with a great platform to exhibit their skills and earn good amount of money for it. I think no designer can afford to miss this opportunity at any cost. As a designer, you will be recognized globally, your designs will be international and you will receive a huge amount of money as a prize. So, what re you waiting for? Go ahead, get registered and brandish your creativity.

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