50+ Cute Baby Photos

Babies are the most precious and beneficial gift of God. Child birth is the happiest moment for parents. When a father picks his child in his hands he forgets everything and feels himself as the world’s luckiest person. Babies look very cute; their actions are even cuter. Childhood of every person is the happiest period of life.

Today, when we see our childhood pictures we get smile on our face, we start missing that lucky period and even we wish to go back to our childhood. Baby photos are widely searched on internet, most of the people put baby photos on their home walls and even some put baby pictures as there system wallpapers.

As given baby photos are widely demanded in the world, here are the 50+ cute baby photos.See these baby photos and share with your friends.’

Cute baby

cute baby

Sleep Time

baby photos (11)

Wow Beautiful World

baby photos (2)

Cute Baby

baby photos (3)

We are enjoying

baby photos (12)

Tension less sleep

baby photos (4)


baby photos (5)

Beautiful Japanese baby

baby photos (9)


baby photos (6)

Best Friends

baby photos (10)


baby photos (7)

Mom Loves me most

baby photos (8)

Close Your Eyes

baby photos (15)

Beautiful Baby

baby photos (13)

Wow Young Born

baby photos (14)

Pure Love

baby photos (16)

Playing Time

baby photos (20)

Don’t disturb me

baby photos (21)

I m photogenic 

baby photos (22)

Don’t see me

baby photos (1)

Fighting Time

baby photos (23)


baby photos (17)

Innocent baby

baby photos (24)

Happy days

baby photos (25)

Beautiful baby

baby photos (18)

We are enjoying

baby photos (19)

Enjoying baby

baby photos (26)

Cutest baby

baby photos (27)

Beautiful kid

baby photos (28)

Cool Japanese baby

baby photos (29)

Christmas time

baby photos (30)

My cute baby

baby photos (31)

My angel 

baby photos (32)

We are playing

baby photos (33)

Wow Beautiful kid

baby photos (35)

Dressing time

baby photos (36)

Mom where are you

baby photos (37)

Beautiful angel

baby photos (38)

Beautiful princess baby

baby photos (39)

Where is my gift

baby photos (40)

No learning

baby photos (41)

I m the smartest boy in the world

baby photos (42)

Fashion diva

baby photos (43)

No tensions

baby photos (44)

Innocent baby picture

baby photos (45)

Enjoying baby 

baby photos (47)

I m more beautiful then you

baby photos (48)

Cool baby photo

baby photos (49)

Shocking baby

baby photos (50)

Hide and seek time

baby photos (51)

Cool baby picture

baby photos (52)

Where is santa

baby photos (53)


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  1. Yaare says:

    Babies are blessing of God. My nephew is so beautiful. can you paste picture also?

  2. Feeba Ancy says:

    All babies are very nice and cute. I love all babies

  3. pavani says:

    cooooooooool pictures i like them

  4. lucky says:

    love it:-)

  5. anu says:

    all baby pictures very cute and innocent faces.soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice

  6. Tamanna says:

    Shooooooo shweeet n cute Nenogak neno babies mmmmmmuaahaaz to all of them :*:* Ohh Ma God I just love babies

  7. Tamanna says:

    Shopping shweeet n cute Nenogak neno babies mmmmmmuaahaaz to all of them :*:*

  8. zalak says:

    very cute baby

  9. nasrin says:

    perty baby.

  10. hemamaya says:

    this babies are soooooo cute….oh god please give to my friend honey any one of this baby.

  11. fatima says:

    very nice collection. i like all photos

  12. all these photographs r mind blowing. whenever i see tis photos i really feel happy. and i assure tat whoever see these photographs. they will feel great ant out of tension too. thank u a lot.

  13. ali says:

    i like these all pictures

  14. ali says:

    the all pitures r sososooooooooo… sweet n cute i like these all pictures

  15. Waqas J. says:

    all babies are so cute…..i love babies

  16. ramya* says:

    cool baby pic is very nice

  17. TyJuana says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! These are soooooooooo cute!

  18. LATHA says:


  19. shazna says:

    all the baby photos are admirable ~ gifts of the god are really appreciatable

  20. aruna says:

    this is very beautifle

  21. heala says:

    hi u are so nice i love u so much

  22. admin says:

    @Jeremy: thanks for nice cute baby pic

  23. Jeremy says:

    Cool selection ! Thanks …

    But nothing like my little baby http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeremysalmon/4659606160/in/photostream