10 best websites for UX research, case studies and tests

Often times when designers consider looking for the best websites for UX research, including case studies and tests, they contemplate not knowing where to begin to look. If you are really interested in further developing your UX skills, whether it’d be brushing up on your design or base concepts, you would need at hand all the sources for such information to help you along the way and to carry out test in order to follow through your goals.

Many of these websites will offer you proven designs from real life case studies to help your chances in succeeding in your UX career, whether that is working as part of a design team or being a freelance media worker. There are so many variables in existence, why waste any more time trying to guess what works for you when you can have resources like these at your fingertips.

This article will explore the current options for the best websites for UX research, including case studies and productive tests which will serve as a guide to brief you for a new dimension of effective success

Here are the top ten sites we recommend:


1# Coglode.com

best site for UX research and case studies 1

This site is certainly a good starting place, making it a good resource for UX, involving base concept research.

Coglode can lead you to making better products and can help you grasp the consumer psychology research to obtain a clearer understanding of specific UX research.


2# Ribot.co.uk/

best site for UX research and case studies 2

Ribot offers information in helping you see the different aspects of the latest behavioural economics & consumer psychology research, down into bite-sized snippets of information which would otherwise. You can learn more useful tips from this UX resource community whilst brushing up your UX skills.


3# Baymard.com

best site for UX research and case studies 3

Offers a good research catalog. All research on this website is published in articles, reports, and benchmark databases. They also publish useful research studies based on e-commerce usability.


4# Nngroup.com

best site for UX research and case studies 4

Nielsen Norman articles allows you to further enhance your e-commerce search, homepage and navigation design, as well as, for instance, checkout processes, and mobile site knowledge.


5# Goodui.org

best site for UX research and case studies 5

This source is a paid monthly subscription which offers plenty of detailed tests in, as well as insights which you can model one with high quality results data and much more. Googui can really help towards optimizing conversions with proven insights to help with various areas such as trail sign-ups, click troughs, sales demo sign ups and so forth.


6# Whichtestwon.com

best site for UX research and case studies 6

This is also a paid source, however it does allow you to view one free test a day. It is similar to Gooduo.org, where it shows you real life tests and the metrics to successful conversions, as well as identifying elements which make a design more successful than another. It is another good resource for you to tap into for testing, research and case studies.


7# Uxapprentice.com

best site for UX research and case studies 7

UXapprentice.com is great for learning about design, but perhaps not too set up for research. Nevertheless, it is a great website for those needing to get deeper into design, for those who work in media or for people who may need to get to grips with UX work and need a good understanding of it.


8# Zurb.com/quips and Zurb.com/triggers

best site for UX research and case studies 8

We’ve put Zurb quips and Zurb triggers together here, as it is the same website.

Zurb quips is a fabulous resource for marrying design with data and provides plenty of useful information for creating great websites and Apps. It explores further the assumptions made on design, also giving plenty of insight based on real examples. This information is known a “quips”, and they offer a whole repository dedicated to it.

Zurb triggers gives insights into users’ motivations for product design decisions. You can also explore a great variety of such “triggers” in their well thought-out information library detailing different categories of graphical-visual arrangements.

As you can see, both of these sites are great for user research and base concepts.


9# Uxdesign.cc

best site for UX research and case studies 9

UXdesign offers methods in design strategy, from blueprints, user stories, competitive analysis to key performance indicators and more. It also offers a useful concept methodology from brainstorming to story boards, to user flow and taxonomies, amongst other snippets of information available to the interest UXer.


10# Ux.stackexchange.com

best site for UX research and case studies 10

UXstackexchnage.com offers free resources (without needing to register at all) and specializes in providing question and answers for user experience researchers and experts alike. It works a little like Yahoo Answers, where a user will post a question, and then the answers would be posted by other users whose answers would be either voted up and down for being the best.


Now you know some of the most reputable and highly recommended websites to help you along your UX journey, whether you depend on it on for your career or whether you are just getting started, be sure to learn and apply the information from these sites and treat it like training.

Following this advice, you’ll definitely be on top of the game and it would definitely help you create better prospects for yourself in terms of professionalism, which can help you move onto to more profitable and interesting ventures in the future.

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