20 Best UX Design and Wireframing Tools for Mobile

Cloud, itself is purely a set of empowering technologies. I believe that adoption of cloud on a mass level is pending only due to absolute ubiquity of the devices that can stay connected all the time. Another hurdle in adoption is the user experience and designing a cloud computing that makes user experience invisible. The best thing about cloud is that it gives you freedom of being mobile and you can always stay connected with the much needed information as well. A lot of cloud based UX design tools are being introduced and used in order to help the process of mood board’s creation. Apart from this, these tools can also help you in creating interactive wireframes, concepts and prototypes. Today, in this article we will be sharing with you a few tools that can be used for a convenient usability and of course to make learning easy and understandable. Obviously, these tools are totally cloud based in order for you to be able to stay connected with your clients and team. You can even share things with your client with the help of these tools.

The best thing is that most of the tools support responsive patters, which means you can test the results on almost any device.

1. Invision

1. Invision

The best thing about Invision is that it is assimilated with Illustrator, fireworks and Photoshop. Invision allows you to upload images and also use hotspots in order to create interactions just like any real application. If you want feedback on it, with cloud and tool you can send it to your client or stakeholders and know what they think about it.


2. Notism

Precisely, Notism is indeed a perfect task management tool. It is basically a two-way tool which not only allows you to share design but you can also attain effective feedback on your visual projects.

3. Solidify

3. Solidify

If you are looking for tools that can accommodate you with user testing, I believe solidify is a complete tool. It allows you to create clickable prototypes in case you are looking for user testing. With solidify; you have the liberty to test an interface at any time during the development.

4. Moqups

4. Moqups

I personally find this tool to be very nice. Moqups is basically a sketch-style HTML5 app that can help you in creating wireframes. Apart from wireframes, with moqups you can create mockups, UI concepts and of course, interactive prototypes. You can get all this in simple $9 per month, which means it is not too expensive.

5. Quirck Tools

5. Quirk Tools

For an easy collaboration with clients and teammates, quirck tool is the best for you. Also, it allows you sharing of your important documents and creative compositions. You can also build prototpes provided the fact that you are using the right browser.

6. UxPin

6. UxPin

UxPin is a design app for user experience and allows you to create wireframe and prototypes that are interactive. It provides users’ with a tool kit that contains common design elements and along with that it also offers a library of custom UI elements.

7. Proto.io

7. Proto.io

Looking to create high fidelity prototypes? Well proto.io is exactly something that you have been looking for. With this tool, you can create prototypes that look exactly like a real application. You can also add selective components in order to create an interface.

8. POP prototyping on Paper

8. POP Prototyping on paper

I personally love this app that is designed for both Android and iOS. It allows you to import your sketches after taking pictures. I consider it to be editing software as well because it automatically fixes brightness and contrast in order to make your sketched look clear.

9. HotGloo

9. Hotgloo

HotGloo will help you in almost anything. You can deal with high and low fidelity. You can also get wireframes and prototypes. With HotGloo achieving some amazing concepts is not that hard because it makes things easier.

10. Wireframe.cc

10. Wireframe cc

Because of a great minimal interface, wireframe.cc becomes way too easy to use. With wireframe.cc you can create some great layouts and you can also change the color of wireframes.

11. Balsamiq


Want to generate ideas quickly; Balsamiq can help you in doing that. This tool also allows you with quick and convenient sharing, feedback and of course collaboration.

12. Justinmind


I consider this to be a perfect platform if you are looking to create rich, interactive web and mobile wireframes.

13. FluidUI


You can create interactive prototypes and wireframe by using fluid. It supports Android software, iOS software and of course the latest windows 8.

14. Axure


The interface is very simple being a drag and drop one. Also, this is a good tool for generating interactive HTML wireframes and User Interface mockups.

15. Mockflow

15. Mockflow

The UI is very easy to use and it appears to be a well-planned interface. It helps in creating and testing wireframes. Also, it has a chat feature that encourages collaboration.

16. Protoshare


This is definitely one of the most powerful platforms to for creating wireframes and prototyping. This comes with a broad mobile toolset with a lot of features. Check it out to learn more.

17. Wireframe Sketcher


This is perfect for creating wireframes and mockups for both mobile and desktop applications.

18. Omnigraffle

18. Omnigraffle

This is indeed a powerful wireframe and indeed one of the very few diagram application. It also allows you to create custom shapes with the help of pen tool. You will also find templates for guidance.

19. Pidoco


This is a web based prototyping app        that will help you in creating clickable wireframe and that too in no time. You can even test or simulate interactive prototypes.

20. Flair Builder


Again, a great prototyping tool in order to create interactive wireframes. This comes with a lot of useful features. Be sure to check this one out.


I am sure a lot of other great tools and apps are available and in case we have missed out on some, please feel free to share them with us. The above mentioned tools are among the best ones and with the help of these creating wireframes and prototypes gets easier. 2013 has a long way to go so I am sure we will be seeing a lot of new Cloud-based UX design tools.

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  1. mav3rick says:

    Good collection. Now for a breakdown of the best/worst, pros/cons of each tool from this line-up. Peace ~

  2. Arjun says:

    Wow nice roundup, thanks!It is the great thing about Fluidui because fluid supports Android software, iOS software and of course the latest windows 8.

  3. John Shaw says:

    Nice collection. If you haven’t checked out http://www.dottedpaper.co.uk yet, they have free printable dotted paper for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.