Mid-year Resolutions for Better Growth of Your Designer Self

It is never too late to mend, I mean no matter it’s a New Year or a Mid-year, taking control of your growth strategies as a designer should always be on top of your mind. The desire to excel is inevitable, however; the definition of success is relative for every human being. So, people who aspire to achieve success like to grow more and more every day. In order to understand the pertinent relationship between success and growth it is important to add consistency as a variable. It means that consistent growth guarantees of consistent success.

Now after shedding some light on the consistent growth, the question I like you to ask yourself is that do you want to consistently improve your design skills? Well, the good news about this is that you don’t need to go through some rocket science stuff to be a constantly growing designer. There are few and simple things you need to follow that will make your life easy as a designers tools and luckily there is no magic pill or anything involved in it. Get inspired from some great design.

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Resolution # 1

One Thing a Day – Keeps Designer’s Block Away

As we all know this fact that there are no shortcuts or hidden tricks for success in life, however; there are some simple things can take you to your destination quickly. The resolution for making things happen is learn/do one design thing each day that you think is difficult but important.

The one thing I mentioned does not have to be specific, it can be a technique you have been learning but have not applied yet, or a color or matching fonts choice you’re itching to try, or a new arrangement of elements. The resolution is to just implement one of these new things each day. Once you stick to this resolution determinately and consistently, you’ll slowly but steadily grow as a designer and improve your skills.

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Resolution # 2

Work Hard Dream Less – A Key to Success

People often want to achieve everything they can think without being pragmatic. On the other hand big sweeping changes and self-pledges almost never yield growth. Don’t dream too big which has rare possibility to sustain.

One such example is coming up with countless New Year resolutions. I am sure I never met anyone who has achieved even 50% of what he dreamt off at New Year eve. Once you think big you need to make a lot of changes and these are certainly not small alterations. So, these kinds of changes are too sudden and drastic for you to be able to keep doing them. This activity drained you out and you tend to rightfully give up, like many of us.

Now look it from another angel by dreaming little because it seeks little input. Adopting this approach will enable you to make small and doable changes. One cannot be expert of design overnight it is just humanly not possible, however; the small changes including practicing one thing a day will bring drastic change in terms of improved skills, better design style, more adventurous ideas. As you now will dream little, work hard so now just wait for the success

Resolution # 3

Turning into a Habitual Designer

Consistency can be termed as synonymous of habit. Why? Well, consistency is harmonious uniformity of an individual whereas; habit is doing something particular on regular/consistent basis. So, brushing your teeth everyday can be said your consistent habit. In the similar way developing a habit of learning one thing a day can actual make your design grow. It works so smoothly like teeth brushing because you don’t think about brushing your teeth each day, similarly you will be habitual about creating a new design every day.

The biggest mistake we often do is make unrealistic assumptions of finishing/executing big tasks in one day without any problem. As a designer, you are not supposed to pile up your pending tasks, because at the end you won’t be able to do anything but wish for some magic. In such circumstances, the habit of doing your task bit by bit as per your design habit you would have first avoided the problem, second grown out your comfort zone in enhancing existing design skills.

For a change just try to experience developing the habit and add new color combination on your next web design, or to experiment with new fonts for that next banner. So, once you will develop the habit of doing your small things in this manner you will find it working perfectly fine for your tasks and designing capability. Don’t worry if you don’t feel any change in weeks or even a month, it is meant to be time taking because nothing comes easy in life, however; patience makes the output greater than anticipation.

Resolution # 4


The caution here is that once you start going out of your comfort zone more than once then it is highly possible that you won’t be able to keep that up each day. The whole point of growing constantly as a designer is to experiment small, doable and new things as a developed habit. If you still are not sure then better ask yourself that could you do it three times again tomorrow? And the day after? And after that? How about weeks, months from now? Maybe not. However, doing only one thing is very do-able and realistic.

Despite of all the above mentioned precautions, if you still really, really feel confident that you could do 2 for example, then by all means go for it. However, keep the room to drop the second thing if you won’t be able to keep it up because consistency should be the key not quantity.

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Resolution # 5

Be Natural and Grow Constantly as a Designer


Try to look around you and follow the natural laws because nature chooses best and the most effective way of growing as a designer is also to do small, yet consistent changes in your designing habits. One thing a day will make you constantly grow as a designer.
No need to be greedy and overwhelmingly burdened because big, sweeping changes in routine aren’t sustainable and will usually cause you to give up. Being realistic and pragmatic is the only thing that can serve you best as a designer.

Your design style will be altered by great extent if you adopt it and it would then just the matter of time. By that time you already have a habit of doing that one new outside-your-comfort-zone design thing, you’ll just keep growing as a designer.


Prosperity comes to those who grow and are always ready to improve their practices. This same logic goes for designers who are constantly striving to survive in a jungle of competitors. If you are serious about the growth and prosperity of your designer self, then I don’t think that you should be waiting for the year end to make new resolution and strategies of success. Mid-year is the best time to evaluate yourself by analyzing the first half of the year and making amendments for the second half.

Although I have tried to encompass all the main points, however, you can customize and implement these resolutions in your own way and according to your own circumstances. Always remember that improvement is always the decisive factor in the success of your personal and professional life.

Happy Mid Year Growing!!

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