Top 5 web design mistake in landing pages

Introduction: Web design has become a very popular field in today’s society. This popularity is due to the radical change in Technology. Most developers make errors that are very common, and hence most customers or users find some websites rather untrustworthy and by first glance they shy away. Landing pages are usually default web pages that appear in response from the results of a search engine depended on a particular topic.

web design mistake



Lack of Logo –Website bond

According to company provides web design services, most developers opt to save their money by asking friends or non-professionals to work for them at a fair price hence in return receiving a poor design of the logo. It’s important to note that most brand names stand out from the rest by the use of a unique logo. While bootstrapping this becomes a major problem hence it’s important for the website and the logo to relate.


Too many fonts

While working on landing pages it is important to merge the fonts so that the page can look presentable. The issue facing most web developers is that they use too many font sizes hence making the page look funny, unprofessional and disorganized. This lack of neatness can cost website traffic.


Use of Random Colors

Landing pages should be colorful and eye capturing, it’s important to have a taste of color and know how to pick the right color that matches for the desired use. Three colors would be enough to make a landing page presentable, but the overuse of many colors becomes very distracting.


Reliability issues

The trustworthiness of a page can be determined immediately by looking at its typography. When the font sizes, Line-heights, and huge text blocks are awkwardly present in the web pages, it becomes very difficult for the reader to understand and gain trust of the site. It is important to have a uniformly designed web page.


The focus of a single goal

Landing pages are meant to be accurate and straight to the point. For example, if a landing page has close to 15 clickable elements the user of the website may find it difficult to understand which part is important for their use. If a website has three to four testing variables, it becomes easier for visitors to be accustomed and increases the flow of traffic. The simplicity and uniqueness of a Landing page is an added advantage to websites traffic.

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